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Your comment might be spam so it will be moderated first...


Code Monkey

New member
Jun 24, 2004
Midstate New York
I've been a regular reader and participant of iLounge going back to when the 3G iPod was leading the pack. I also know that I have more than once been a fly in the ointment and discovered you blocking my comments to particular stories on the front page after I said one too many borderline incendiary things in regards to that story - I get it, you've got to keep your front page from becoming a flame war. Yet, my more balanced comments have been among the most featured on the front page "teaser" blurb, so it's not like I'm pure evil.

However, since that godawful re-Captha BS was implemented, this is what I get a couple of times a week:

"The computer says your comment might be spam so it will be moderated first..."

1. It's not SPAM.
2. I'm a registered user who should by now have some sort of verified status so the re-captcha shouldn't even be on for me
3. Blocking these recent comments is without cause.
4. The comments are clearly not entering some sort of moderation pool since they never appear later even though there is no reason for them to be blocked.

So, unless someone can point out what rule(s) I violated that required these most recent comments to be blocked, can someone look into your so-called SPAM detection


My last two comments that were blocked:

The more I think on this fall's "update" to Apple's products the more I'm wondering if Cook was the person to succeed Jobs. I'm also thinking they must have given most of the R&D staff an 18 month vacation to cut costs while they were at it.

Nothing whatsoever was done for the shuffle and nano. They had the Chinese start making face plates in white for the touch. And the phone, well, yes, they did have to redesign the antenna and logic board for the new chipset and dual band compatibility, but otherwise the only feature a non envelope pushing gamer would ever care about is actually a 3rd party iOS app that Apple paid to make exclusive on the 4S. Everything else new coming to the iFamily of devices is tied to iOS 5, which will run on most devices from the past couple of years.

That seems way too risk adverse (as well as quite shady as far as remotely disabling Siri on other devices goes) for a market leading tech company.

Here's to hoping this all is just due to a rough start for the "new" guy instead of heralding things to come in future years.

I suspect Jeff Bezos will be sending a very large and expensive Christmas present to Tim Cook this year for Apple's choice to completely refrain from competing in the non-smartphone arena for children.

If I hadn't bought my daughter a touch last year, there would be a Fire under the tree this year. Same price, same internal storage, but better battery life, better sized screen, and better for children's books. It's a no-brainer for the very audience you would think Apple would want to do everything in their power to reach in order to create the future generation of Apple consumers. However, like so many recent business decisions, this year seemed all about maximizing the short term profits without even a hint there was anything forward thinking.

Howard Stringer will probably also be sending along a Christmas ham to Cook to thank Apple for bowing out on competing in the portable game market the same quarter Sony will be releasing the Vita. Apple could have easily guaranteed the Vita would be all but dead on arrival but instead volunteered to have Apple's device obviously dated with the only clear edge being a $50 cheaper entry price point.


As for the capacity issue, it would take a forensic team weeks to find evidence that dead horse was ever there. At roughly $100 for just the 128GB of flash at volume wholesale, it's just not something that's coming to a consumer devices any time soon, and people are kidding themselves if they think it is.


New member
Jul 3, 2011
I am getting something similar when I am making replies to topics. I get told that the reply will have to get moderated first and I am still waiting...


Active member
Jan 3, 2006
In the Pub
I am getting something similar when I am making replies to topics. I get told that the reply will have to get moderated first and I am still waiting...
Your issue is with the regular forum, which I believe Jesse has addressed.

This thread is about comments that users make on news, articles, etc. on the main iLounge site, not posts here in the forums. On the main site there was a filter in place that had problems and would usually prevent you from posting comments. That filter seems to have been removed, but now we get all kinds of random comments from what appear to be spam-bots. I'm sure there's work going on behind the scenes, I hope so anyway.