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YeY- It works/rocks/owns



New member
May 13, 2003
England, UK
Boy was I lucky. I walked into PC World (Our version of CompUSA, I guess) and searched around for the iPod's. I walked to the Apple section, and walked past the iMac's (Mmmm... iMac's :D) and then found an empty iPod display case. I nearly cried. I thought I might aswell check to see if they had some in the back, and after ten minutes, a woman pops out the door:

"I found one! It was the last one left- it was hiding behind some iMac's.

"Mmm... iMac's.. Oh, sorry. Well, er, thanks!"

I checked out, got home, and went wild! I opened the box slowly, and then, WHOA! It was so small! As many people have said, pictures don't do it justice. It's just too. ####. Tiny! :D

So, I installed without a hitch, loaded MMJB, downloaded ephpod and I was away. After chaging stuff around in MMJB (Namely unchecking it as the default player for media files, and stopping it starting up automatically) I ripped some CD's, saved them to my own folder, and entered EphPod. I'd just like to add what a kick-### program Ephpod is! No problems WHATSOEVER! Amazing! It syched perfectly, no duplicates, no missing letters etc. I had some old MP3's on my Comp, put them on the iPod, and that's where my first troubled arrived. 49 seconds in, they would skip.

So, thanks to roaming ipodLounge for three weeks (Thanks again guys! :D) I downloaded Ashampoo, it fixed it, and I was away.

I think I must be lucky too, because I have no bugs at all. And I truly mean it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with my iPod (Touch wood :D).

I'm one very happy chappy. And I'm amazed at how well it works. It's truly amazing!

+10 for Apple.