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Why does iPodlounge condone pirating software?

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New member
Jul 22, 2002
Seattle, WA
We do not condone pirating software.

In the thread that you referred to, mrm (a moderator) said "ipodlounge cannot and will not condone illegal downloading of software or music" -- this is true.

If you check our forum guidelines you will see the same information: "iPodlounge does not advocate or condone the illegal copying of software and will not tolerate such links in its forums".

What people do via PM or email is their business, not yours or mine. I cannot, nor would I if I could, censor, monitor, or otherwise tamper with PM or email. That's not my job.

People will seek, provide, and trade in illegal or pirated software. That is a fact. All that we can practically do is tell people to keep it off of our forums.

Thanks for your concern and thanks for giving us the opportunity to clear this up.
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