Trouble Shooting More songs in Library than on iPod issues



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May 14, 2003
Tiskilwa, IL

Yesterday I had the dreaded fate of trying to find out why there was one more song listed in my library stats than listed on my iPod stats. The horror. I found out because I moved to a new system of complete/partial/single smartplaylists and an attempt to "Sync selected playlists only" since my playlist window is becoming bloated with "organization playlists" After doing some adding and seeing some major discrepencies, I changed back to auto and still found the same one song not transfered. I know this is an issue that people have from time to time, so I thought I would run through trouble shooting of common reasons for the issue as I found a new one I wasn't aware of.

1. Make sure that iTunes and the iPod software are up-to-date or compatible with one another. Some versions of the iTunes music store/iPod software do not talk to older versions of the DRM encoded into them. Having the most up to date software on both iTunes and the iPod side will help assure transfer of muisc, particularily purchased music. If purchased music still isn't transferring try deauthorizing your computer in iTunes, reauthroize, then play a song and then sync.

2. Check your sync settings. If you are on manual you are responsible for the dragging and dropping of all files. This could make missing some a potential issue. "Sync selected playlists only" will sync only the songs in the playlists you select, Autosync should sync all songs in the iTunes library.

2a. Do you have "Only Update checked Songs" Selected in your iPod preferences? If so perhaps you have unchecked music. A simple way to look for unchecked music is as follows
a. Make a smartplaylist with the condition: Bit rate is greater than 0. Select live updating and match checked songs only. This will get every single checked song in your library, as ever song should have a bitrate greater than zero. name this playlist "Checked" or whatever you want
b. Make a second smartplaylist that says: Playlist is not "Checked". This playlist will get all unchecked songs and maybe any songs that for whatever reason didn't make it into the first playlist, though it should be just unchecked songs.

2a con. Now you make a choice. If you can either uncheck the update checked songs only preference and sync, or you can recheck the songs and sync. If you think you may want to uncheck these songs again later if they had been unchecked for a reason, you may want to drag them into a specific playlist to easily find later. You can mas check and uncheck all songs in the library or a playlist by control clicking on the PC or command clicking on the mac.

3. Compatible file type. Add the kind to your view of the iPod library from the edit menus in iTunes. Now sort by this in iTunes and check each kind. Make sure that all files are one of the following: MP3, AIFF, WAV, Apple Lossless, AAC, Protected AAC, or Audible. While doing this, check for radio streams that may have been added to your library listing, they will not transfer to the iPod (I happened to have an abherrent one in my library and it was the culprit to my problem)

4. Lying files. You may have a file that is lying to you. It may say it's an MP3 or usable files when it is really another file type. Difficult to hunt down sometimes and more a "Can't add to iTunes" problem than an iPod problem as wrong kinds of files shouldn't be able to hide from the "kind" sort.

5. Corrupt files. Difficult to hunt down corrupt MP3 or music files in iTunes or your computer, but corrupt files may not transfer to the iPod.

6. Corrupt database? If your music is safe on your iPod (which it likely is if you notice you have more songs in iTunes than on the iPod), restore the iPod and start over from the begining.

I hope this helps a few people. Helpers/Mods, feel free to edit this with editional information if you have anything to add.

Happy iPodding,