"This device cannot start. (Code 10)" 6th gen nano ?



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Jul 1, 2014

I recently purchased a used ipod nano 6th gen. It was working great by itself but it won't connect to my laptop. Here's the short story:

Ipod worked fine out of the box. Is not recognized by Windows7. Installed and reinstalled the driver, no effect. iPod does not charge from the laptop of from the power outlet. I have itunes version but the ipod has not been able to connect or be recognized by itunes yet.

Here's the Long story w/ the details:

1. Before I connected it to anything with the cable, I was able to use all of the features and played the radio it worked fine.
2. It began to give the low battery warning.
3. I plugged it into my laptop with the usb cable for the first time.
4. Windows (7) gave the error window pop-up: "USB Device not Recognized."
5. If I click on that error pop-up window the next window says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"
6. If I open Device Manager, it shows one of the USB ports name is "Unknown Device". If I leave the nano plugged into the USB, the device manger window appears to update every 10s or so and alternates between displaying the port name "Unknown Device"and not displaying the port named "Unknown Device".
7. If I click on device properties of the "Unknown Device" USB port from the Device manager screen, I see that the error also alternates between "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" and "Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)"
8. When attached to the USB port the nano screen alternates between 3 displays, 1 - "low battery", 2 - the apple logo, 3 - the home menu, which is operational. The battery meter symbol shows 0 power and does not indicate charging.
9. If I unplug the nano it does not turn on with the sleep/wake button, I think due to depleting the battery.
10. If I plug the nano into the wall charger, the screen alternates between the home menu which is operational and the apple logo. The battery symbol shows 0 power and does not indicate charging.
11. I followed some troubleshooting steps, on the "Device Properties" window I see the following information:
Driver Provider: Microsoft; Driver Date: 6/21/2006; Driver Version: 6.1.7601.18328;
12. If I select "Driver Details" button, a window appears that says"No Driver files are required or have been loaded for this device"
13. I found trouble shooting steps on the apple website to install the driver, which I followed. I navigated to the folder with the driver as recommended from the apple website and selected it. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers "usbaapl", then selected "Apple iPod USB Driver" from the list to install.
14. I get the error window titled "Update Driver Warning" which explains installing the driver is not recommended as Windows cannot verify it is compatible with my hardware, but I proceed with "yes".
15. Next window titled "Update Driver Software - Apple Modbile Device USB Driver" shows the error "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device; Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it; Apple iPod USB Driver; This device cannot start. (Code 10)" and it suggests to download a new driver.
16. Next, I uninstalled the driver and followed all of those steps and it indicated success, also chose delete driver software option.
17. If I plug in the nano at this point I get the indication windows is trying to install driver software, and then the same error occurs as when I first plugged it in "USB Device not Recognized." and I can go through all of the steps again.
18. The Driver details button gives the following info:
Provider: Apple, Inc.; File Version: 1,64,0,0; file names usbaapl.sys & usbaaplrc.dll; driver version 6.0.9999.65.
19. Now the device manager window alternates between showing and not showing the USB port named "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver".
20. If I look under Devices and Printers, it shows a generic icon with the title "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" with a yellow exclamation mark and the status shows "Needs troubleshooting"!

Can anyone help me I will give you any detail and info you want!



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Apr 26, 2006
The lack of charging is the biggest concern. This indicates that either your cable or your iPod cable connector is bad.

I would try a different cable (preferably an Apple cable) and see if that resolves these issues.

After that I would take it to Apple.