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The King is dead, long live the King



New member
Aug 6, 2003
Santa Clarita, CA
The people around me have tired of my gushing over my new G3 iPod, so I am forced to continue here.

My faithful 5GB ipod died, I think because the cable I was using to recharge it put stress on the firewire port. I know the connections were broken (It was dead, so I did an autopsy).

I love it. I love it. I love it. I looovve it. Did I mention how much I like it? 30 GB G3 ipod sitting next to my TiPB--I'm in technology heaven. Of course the credit card is also technology, but as it is so pedestrian I won't discuss it.

I have a couple of complaints. I was using a firewire cable connected to the AC to charge, and I left another cable connected to the back of my laptop. I can do this with the new ipod too, for the low price of $20. I suppose I could use the money I saved by getting the case for free. What's $20 between VISA and me. And the earplugs seem to have the same quality as the previous ones. Back to the Koss KSC-35s I go. If this is as bad as it gets then it should be fantastic.

I'm still looking through the new features in this version. I had given up on iCal, but it time to take a second look. And if I add that DLO Executive PodFolio I would have someplace to store any handwritten notes, so I could leave my Palm Pilot at home. ("Sure, you can input your info straight into your Palm, but can it play music all day?")

By the way, did I mention I like my ipod?