Should I keep Apple TV 3?



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Dec 1, 2012
I recently got an Apple TV 3. I like it.... sort of. But, it's so limiting.

I occasionally listen to music from iTunes with it. This is great.

Sometimes I subscribe to Netflix, and rarely Hulu Plus. I can already watch these on my Tivo Premiere, so Apple TV for this use is redundant.

I have Amazon Prime Instant Video.... can't play on or stream to Apple TV.

I have Spotify which I can stream via iPhone, but I would prefer an app.

I have xfinity, but I can't stream that to Apple TV either.

I've mirrored apps to Apple TV a handful of times, and that's ok.... but they don't show full screen.

I was hoping I could find some third-party app to mirror my PC, or at least stream audio, to Apple TV. No luck. The one app I found was laggy at best.

The sounds on the Apple TV when I scroll through the navigation drive me NUTS. Why can't I turn off the Apple TV sound effects????

The remote control is a little weird. You have to press and hold the menu button a while to get back to the home screen. I don't want to use an iPhone or iPad as a remote control. That's not what they're for in my book, and the Apple TV actual remote leaves as lot to be desired.

Apple TV feels so limiting for my uses. There's no Spotify app, and no way to watch Amazon Prime Videos or XFinity.

What do you use your Apple TV for?

Should I keep Apple TV? I like the idea of it, but I hate being limited in what I can watch on TV and what I can't.
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Nov 18, 2005
Saskatchewan, Canada
The sounds on the Apple TV when I scroll through the navigation drive me NUTS. Why can't I turn off the Apple TV sound effects????
Settings/Audio & Video/Sound Effects - Off

Only you can tell whether the Apple TV is good enough for you to keep. Here in Canada we have always had limited content available for the ATV. Even the Netflix app is very limited compared to the US version. I maintain a fairly large music and video collection (mostly old TV Shows) in an iTunes Library on my computer. The ability to stream this content, including music, over my WiFi network to my TVs around the house is in my opinion worth the price for the ATV. I would even keep one around if all I used it for was to AirPlay video from apps on my iPad. Mirroring will have letterboxing but most video apps will still play the video in full HD resolution if available using Airplay with no letterboxing. Most videos now on YouTube look good on the ATV as well, maintaining a YouTube account provides seamless integration between different devices also logged into YouTube with subscriptions, playlists and favorites.

The Photo app is a great way to view your digital photos. Good quality photos look great on the big screen TVs, again a single feature I would keep the ATV for.

I have also found the Podcasts and Radio apps quite useful but using AirPlay from my iPhone and iPad with TuneIn Radio and Downcast have replace these apps. Downcast will also stream full HD video podcasts to the ATV.

All in all I have found the ATV to be a very useful appliance even with it's limitations to watch online video subscription services which I hope to see change in the future. But till then it is still very useful for my needs.