Iphone8+, some functions not working like they did



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Sep 19, 2010
I have seen these items change a bit over time with updates, and I cant imagine this is working as intended, maybe I'm wrong. Here are some of the things I am experiencing with my iphone8+. I know this screams 1st world problems.... but humor me :)

1) I use the built in music app that syncs with my itunes constantly. For years with this phone and my previous 6s, or my old ipod video, when id pause for a conversation, or even stop for the night, when i came back up it was still on the album\playlist I was on, paused on the song I had left it on. Now, the play option is there but it shows "nothing playing" and the play button just shuffles EVERYTHING (i have turned off shuffle, why is it still there?). If I pause for a couple minutes, what i was listening to is now reset, is it catastrophic, of course not but its friggin annoying and inconvenient. In fact i was listening in the car, in the time it took me to walk to the front door it said playing nothing, under 1 minute.

2) A few versions ago, maybe from a year or two, a function was added that is when watching\listening to something on youtube, and hit the thumb button it would minimize so i could say look at my grocery list while still listening to something on youtube. This was a AWESOME feature, LOVE IT, and after i updated to 15.7 it stammers like its thinking about it and closes the window. Is there a setting that controls this? Just to put it back to them mini player on the phones desktop so I can use other things while still listening to what I was listening to.

3) This one is a security issue. If the phone is in my pocket, locked, just from walking it turns the screen on, then my pants trigger the camera, then once the camera is on i get pics of my pocket lol, BUT, once there you can close the app and you are into the phone, THAT IS BAD. In my pocket it is a minor annoyance, but say if it fell out of my pocket or gym bag and I didn't notice, someone could have access to my phone and with that some personal info and apple wallet. This is really concerning, how can I resolve this?

4) This was something on my 6s, it never worked on my 8 but it cant hurt to ask. I ALWAYS have auto-lock on, but if i unlocked it WHILE charging it would stay unlocked, but the 8 does not. Was that feature removed? This is needed when say moving a bunch of pics from the phone to my local HDD, because if the screen goes black, it disconnects me form the computer and usually just stops the copy, however sometimes it corrupts images, currently this means when im moving pics or vids off, i have to tap the screen every 20-25 seconds or it closes.

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Apr 26, 2006
1. Are you killing the music app? That may cause this. I leave my music app running and don’t see that behavior.

2. YouTube altered their app to disable this feature. You need to pay to get the feature back, monthly if I remember correctly.

3. The camera is available on the Lock Screen without a passcode. No one can access the rest of your phone through the camera. I find that the leg can cause repeated failed unlocks and can lock out a phone. My wife lost 2 months of photos to this. Keep the screen pointing away from the leg at all times.

4. You can’t change this. Only apps that block the lock feature like Pokémon Go (maybe the YouTube app is another option) can stop it. I tend to run Pokémon Go during long syncs to keep it unlocked. I find this feature very annoying.
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