iPhone, iTunes and iOS bugs that are BUGGING me!



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Jan 28, 2005
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iPhone 6s Plus 128GB / iOS 10.3.2, but this happens on ALL versions of 10 as far as I can remember.

1) They STILL have not fixed the dropped audio issue. You know, when the sound suddenly just disappears, and Apple gives you a laundry list of things to try, even though they know damned well it's a bug. My solution is to go into settings and in the SOUNDS setting, slide the volume slider. It will stick at first, and not move, but then the slider will move and the problem is solved - until the next time it happens. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO FIX THIS?

2) When playing my music, sometimes the audio channels will get reversed - left becomes right and right becomes left. It's not that my headphones are on wrong. I'm using the Apple earpods with remote, and the remote is on the right channel side of the wires. I don't know what causes it or how to fix it, short of rebooting. This happened again this morning, and I went into the accessibility options. I slid the channels slider to the right, and the music was coming out of the LEFT ear, and slid it to the left, and the music was coming out of the RIGHT ear. I can't seem to find anyone else having this issue.

3) The new TV app - when watching a video, sometimes if I turn the phone upright, into portrait position, the video will turn as well, but shift off to the right and show part of the menu screen, at which point it is unusable and I have to shut it down and start it again.

4) Also with the TV app. If I'm watching my own videos and exit out back to the menu, it does not show all of my videos. I have to go further back one screen and select home videos to see the full list of my videos.

5) Why do I need to connect to the internet to watch my own videos stored on the phone?

6) Purchased music is showing in iTunes, but has the DOWNLOAD button if I show it in the music app. If I play the song, it plays right away, it is not downloaded.

7) Cloud music - I HATE THIS THING, AND IT WONT DIE. I always choose to show only downloaded music, but iTunes still insists on sticking these songs in my library, AND in my smart playlists, with the cloud icon next to them. I don't want them, how do I stop this?

8) Duplicate songs appear on my iPhone. Some of my songs, always ones I've purchased, appear more than once on my phone. They are only listed once in iTunes, so why do they appear multiple times on my phone.

9) When I sync my phone to my PC, the same 90 songs keep syncing with the phone. These are not songs I've played in either iTunes or the phone, so why do they insist on syncing every time?

10) When I am in iPhone view, when finished syncing, I click done. I then get a message stating I have changed the setting for my phone and asking if I want to save the changes. Why, I am not making any changes to the sync settings.

I'm sure there are many more, but I can't think of them right now.

I stuck with the 6S, and did not buy the 7, and I am not buying iPhone 8 either. This is just too much. I'm done with iPhones. I've had the 4, the 5, the 5s, the 6 Plus and now 6S Plus. This is the last!
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Apr 26, 2006
1) Never heard this
2) Never heard this
3) Uninstalled the TV app, use iPad and VLC to watch my videos.
4) Use VLC instead
5) To sell you videos. Try an alternate player.
6) Actually they stream your non-downloaded music to your iTunes, click the cloud to download or right click the Purchased playlist and choose Check for Available downloads. It is worse on the iPhone where non-synced music is downloaded while playing them through an online connection and they become the grey dotted circle tracks. Only deleting them manually from the Music App will get rid of them. You can't tell which are the grey dotted circle tracks without plugging into iTunes and looking at the music on your iPhone.

7) You can hide cloud music, click on View->Only Downloaded Music. Your Smart Playlists can add a rule: Location is On This Computer. Adding this helped a lot.

8) Some people get confused about multiple playlists showing the same song, and think it is on there twice, not realizing the song is there once but in two lists. I don't think this is what you are talking about. In your case, the most likely cause is the streaming gray dotted circle songs mentioned in item 6. The Music app needs to eliminate the tracks for several cases: The same song is synced, the track has not been played in x days (I like 7), space is needed for other tracks to sync, or apps to sync or pictures to be saved. I really hate it when I accidentally forget to click Downloaded Music in the Music app and have a data connection...

9 & 10) For me it was the dotted gray circle songs. Plug in your iPhone into iTunes. Click on your iPhone on the button bar, Click on the second Music section in the left column to see the music synced to the iPhone. I'll bet you'll see a lot of grey dotted circle songs. Fortunately they are ordered the same in Songs view of your phone as they are in iTunes. So when you see one in iTunes, go to the Music app, long press the track, a menu will open, tap Delete from Library, then choose Remove Download. Repeat for every grey dotted circle track. Then in iTunes, click on the first Music section, and go to the Album checklist. Scroll through this and you will see albums checked that you did not select. These are the grey dotted circle songs that were checked for you when you synced after streaming these tracks. This is the cause of the message asking you to save the current sync settings. Uncheck all of these albums. Then click Apply. That will remove the grey dotted circle tracks and the duplicate tracks from your iPhone.

Yes there are issues, but I'd still rather use an iPhone over other solutions.