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How to play home movies on tv via Iphone and NAS Drive???



New member
Mar 10, 2012
I have a problem playing transferred home movies on a flat screen tv through the “TV Out” feature of my Iphone 4.

Brief History:

I have captured about a TB worth of various home movie videos from VHS tape to my PC hard drive in AVI format using AVS Video Recorder. I used AVS Video Converter to convert the AVI movie files to M4V files, to play these movies on my IPhone. I then copied these M4V video files to a Western Digital “My Book Live” NAS Drive which allows me to view any video using my Iphone, via a WD app, without using Iphone internal memory. This works so far.

The problem is that I thought I could show these videos to family members through their big screen TV at their house, and by hooking my Iphone to their tv’s audio/video inputs, via cables, using TV Out and access the videos from my NAS Drive as I could when using the Iphone alone. However, the home movies do not play on the TV! After a conversation with Apple Techs I was told that using the Iphone’s “TV Out” feature to view video onto a TV, via the Iphone , only works for video that is stored on the internal memory of the Iphone itself, not for accessing 3rd party drives as my NAS.

I was told that there are ways around this like:
1- Syncing certain videos to the Iphone (to save storage space) and viewing them on TV via “TV OUT”
2- Getting an IPad (bigger screen then Iphone) and accessing the videos through the Apple Cloud
3- Using Apple TV and accessing movies via the cloud (which means I would have to bring and hook-up Apple TV to the receiving TV). Not sure about this method.
4- Something about Airplay and mirrioring???

So my question is: Is there any way to access my NAS drive (which has all videos stored) and play those videos on another household’s TV, for many people to comfortably view at once, via my Iphone? Or, is there another method?

Any advice is greatly appreciated as I’m driving myself nuts over this.

Don S.