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How Do I Improve my Chances for a Reply?



New member
Nov 17, 2008
near Philadelphia
I posted a message earlier this week about a problem I've been having with my iPod Classic. I suspected my original battery may have died, a problem I'm guessing a lot of long-time owners who still use their original iPod have experienced. I was hoping either for a confirmation that this was my problem or someone taking the time to tell me that it sounded like something else.

However, I can be quite wordy at times, and I did say a lot in that message. I did put a quick summary at the beginning, so that anyone who didn't want to wade through a half-page of background information could get the general idea of what I wanted to say.

2 or 3 days went by with 600+ views but no replies. I wondered if the long message was what was preventing me from getting any answers. So I reposted, with a notation in the title that this was a much shorter repost.

Again, there have been several hundred views with zero replies of my second message (and no replies to the first one, either).

So, what's standing in my way of getting a reply?

1. Did my longish original message turn people off?

2. Did I ask something that has been asked and answered too many times here, without checking any kind of FAQs? If this is the case, can someone please direct me to where I can find such FAQs? Thanks.

3. Did my second post violate some kind of protocol about only asking a question once? If so, I apologize, but I thought maybe a short message would produce a response where the longer one didn't.

4. The opposite of #2 - Is my problem so esoteric that no one has any idea of what caused it?

If it's one of the first three above, I apologize for any wrongdoing and hope that someone can point me in the correct direction. I really doubt if it's #4, especially if it is an indication that my original battery has finally died, but if it is an unusual problem, I'll try to pursue a solution elsewhere if I can find a place to pursue it.

Thanks for any advice you can give me on this.

P.S. I get just as frustrated as many of you do when someone keeps posting the same question in the same place. But I really do hope to get an answer to my original question.


New member
Jul 12, 2012
1) Yes, longish mail Turns people off! Clear Fact!
2) Well, usually people dont mind answering something or referring but may be a long mail is the reason why people arent very happy :)
3) Normal questioning and discussion does not violate any such rule as far as I know, admins and mods may correct me if i am wrong here.
4) Well may be, it can be a possible case but not likely in an active forum like this!