Consolidated List of Free Music Websites

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Mar 16, 2004
New York
Here is a list of the free music websites that have already been posted in this section. I only compiled them here so that they are more easily accessible to the members at
A big thank you to all of you who have contributed and to those who will contribute. I will update this thread as you post new sites.

The iLounge Free Music Link - Is a list of websites that offer free music for iLoungers to download. .Check it out and enjoy.

Epitonic offers free music from a varity of well known signed artists and the up and coming unsigned artists.

This site has free music for downloading so check it out.

They have 1,586 Free Music Downloads on the site.

Mercedes - Benz
Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape has 10 songs for free to download. Use this link and make sure you turn off/uncheck block pop ups.


Free music downloads are available on this site. Just use the links on the left hand side of the page.

Evanescence Free Songs
Member 'cyclist14' has found some older Evanescence songs available for free legal download. The link is on this thread. The bit rate for most of the songs are 320kbps & others are 192kbps and two on the Demos CD are 128kbps. The songs sound very good and are worth downloading.

Admin MikeM
Here are some free songs created by Admin MikeM you can download for free:

Moderator ginalee's band
Two free downloads of her band 'LIBIDO's songs:

Classical Music Website Links
This is a link that provides a listing of websites that offer classical music for download. If your a classical music lover or are just a casual listener then check out some of the sites listed. You never know what you might find.

Garage Band
Garage Band offers independent music from up and coming artists. Some have even been discovered and are now signed artist with major labels. So check it out. You can even recover your old account.

The Letter Press
The Letter Press is an indie rock band. Just click on recordings to download their album titled "Input/Output".

In Sound
In Sound is an online music store that offers free downloads of a variety of music genre's.

Pure Volume
Pure Volume is a website that showcases unsigned artists, independent labels and major label artists. You can download over 100,000 mp3's for free.

Sublime Archive
Subliime Archive has a list of artist offering free downloads of their music. Here is a link to the list of groups to download some free songs. Just click on one of the names to access the songs. Universal access to human knowledge. This site offers all types of media so do check it out. This site looks like a good one since it offers so much more than just music. Also, you can review this thread for more information and a listing of some of the groups available

eTree is a community that distributes lossless digital audio files across the internet using Shorten (SHN) audio compression.

Benn loxu du taccu - African Music
Benn loxu du taccu - African Music has several songs for free download and also you can check out the archive. Free music link is at the bottom of each blog.

Millen Colin
Millen Colin click on the albums listed for the songs available for download. The lyrics are under 'text' on the toolbar along with their bio, tour dates and other information about this group.

G - Brothers
G - Brothers This group has several free songs of theirs for free download. Right click on the song and select 'Save As' and the song will download. These are only short song samples about a minute and a half in length.

Filter This is the official site for the group and this page has some of the songs from their albums available for free and you can buy their albums also.

REM This is the site of the well-known and very popular group offering 10 of their songs for free download. You can also donwload artwork on from the page.

Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead The site has links where you can download some of their songs and their is a link to access (gdradio) the Grateful Dead's official free music service. It has 24 hour streaming radio but no downloads. Just click on music>free downloads to enter this section of the site. They do have a large selection of free music from a variety of artists who have been signed & unsigned with links available if you would like to purchase any of the albums by the artist.
25 FREE Downloads from eMusic. No Restrictions.
This is a subscription site and you must register to take advantage of the free offer then can either cancel at the end of the free offer or continue on. The current offer is 25 free songs.

Revolution 9000
Revolution 9000 Click on the links on the left to access the music that is available to listen to and download for free.

CultureU is the home of a college culture site for up and coming college bands and artists

Neal Morse
Neal Morse offers alternative rock music

Beatmaka The site has several links per artist in which you can listen to the song in Lo or Hi-Fi, download, add to favorites and even find more songs by that perticular artist.
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Mar 16, 2004
New York
Each Note Secure
Each Note Secure has a variety of free legal music for download.

EZ - Tracks
EZ - Tracks This site offers 5 free downloads and you must register to use this site. Per their 'Terms and Conditions' at the bottom of the page, it states under the Service section:

'upon registration, you will receive a credit to your account. The credit is made available to you solely for use in conection with the Website and Service. Your credite has no cash value and is not redeemable or refundable. After your credit is exhausted, you must supply EZ-Tracks with valid credit or debit card account information in order to purchase additional Download Titles. Your membership is non-transferable.'

Read the rest of the information under the sign-in form.

Sonic X
(Sonic X) has a listing of free music to download. You can search via Top Artist, Top Songs, Featured Artists and MP3 Directory.
This site sounds a lot like the old website. That said, Soundclick features signed and unsigned artists including the poster agentspits. You can also check out the FAQ's of the site to help you get started using their services. A lot of the artists that were using are now at and I have quite a bit of music I've downloaded from when it was in operation. This seems like a good site to begin downloading some free songs or just to listen to music and discover new artist. Enjoy this one!

iPod Hipster Music Search
This is a music search website with legal MP3's available for download. Some of the songs do have other codecs available to download for some songs. They offer 30,000 free songs from A to Z listings. You can also browse the site by clicking on the alphabet letter of your choice. Just click the link to access the site.

Andreas Viklund
Andreas Viklund songs - The group broke up in 2004, and the music is now avaialabe for FREE DOWNLOAD on their homepage. Haven't counted, but there are at LEAST 100-200 songs FREE. They are still adding tracks also.

Trance Domain
Trance Domain Good progressive trance sets. Poster states the DJ Trinity set are good.

Bananny you can check out the songs offered here.

Temple Of Boom
Temple Of Boom The Crystal Method does a radio show each week where they DJ. Usually a couple of their own songs with another two hours of break/big beat. It is interspersed with them taking since it is a radio show. This is being updated weekly.

Also live show from 1999 to 2001 are available here (

Lekkerlui-Land Down Under
Lekkerlui-Land Down Under This site requires a free registration but has over 1,000 DJ sets.

Hybridized Great site with hundreds of live and DJ sets.

Gotham Grooves
Gotham Grooves Has about 15 songs and 7 DJ sets for free.

MP3 Tech
MP3 Tech offers some DJ sets but some of the links may not work but some do.

Dan Bern
Dan Bern has music to download and the poster has rated the free downloads (]here) and has listed several of the artists who are offering music for free.
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