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Bug Heroes is currently free...


Code Monkey

New member
Jun 24, 2004
Midstate New York
OK, I'm not usually one to shill products on here, but Bug Heroes is free for a limited time to celebrate the release of three IAP packs that expand the core game exponentially.

What you need to know:
This is a "dual stick" action-strategy hybrid with a bit of RPG elements sprinkled on for good measure. It's a title that could have appeared as a premium priced download for the X-Box Live service or PSP service - it rivals full blown PC and console games for the depth of its gameplay and, in spite of its iOS origins, still looks rather nice graphically. The core game is normally $1.99 and compared to other iOS titles should easily fetch $4.99 normally, but right now, it's completely free with no strings at all.

This game was one of a few titles that completely caused me to re-think the potential of i-Devices for "real" gaming. It's one of my very favorite games of any platform. It is by no means an easy game, quite the opposite, it's a game that truly challenges you, so don't just write it off after ten minutes because you won't have even scratched the surface of what the game offers. Every single time you play you'll figure out something else cool, get a little better, have another strategic insight.

At any rate, if you at all consider yourself a gamer in any way, give it a try, it's completely free right now, the IAP is 100% optional and is simply stuff that expands what was already a complete game experience. It's an indie game produced by four brothers and is a far better game than you should be able to get for $0. They've continually supported, tweaked, and polished the game and is well worth your download.

The game has an active 251 page (at the time of this posting) thread over at Touch Arade: Bug Heroes by Foursaken Media [Universal] - [v2.0: Six new heroes & more!] Now FREE! - Touch Arcade

There is the Bug Heroes Survival Guide

A teaser trailer is here YouTube - Bug Heroes Gameplay Trailer