Brand new iphone 14 Pro, got some questions



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Sep 19, 2010
Well my iphone 8+ which you all had helped with from time to time was replaced today. Old phone was all kinds of wonky, but got something new and with some changes i have some questions.

1) When i got it, and TMoble transferred my old phone onto this I had to set some stuff back up. It started on IOS 16.0.2 iirc. I synced my bluetooth headset a Sony CI400, works fine. Once I got my phone synced to itunes, it said there was an update to 16.1.1 that needed done. Once that was done the Battery level for the headset disappeared and wont come back. How can I resolve this? I use it a LOT and need to be able to keep tabs on it.

2) When I do a full backup, where exactly does the data go? For instance if I want to look at the pictures that I had backed up locally? C:\users\username\pictures\ does not house them, are they burried in app data somewhere? I am using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

3) My iphone 8 had been very full and as unstable as it was I was trying to move data off as fast as possible so I would not loose it. The pics I have saved externally, after I trim some duplicates and extras i do not need, what would be the best way to get a bunch of them back onto my phone?

4) This feature showed up on my 8 some months back but never worked riht, however if it would have it would have been very handy, so I need to know what its called\where to turn it on, and how to confiure it. The settin that when i put it on its charer it brings it up to 80% and stops charging, then starts again in the hourish before you get up. I need it to be charged by 5am, i start work at 6, the 8 kept NOT doing that and said i never used it before 9am which was crap, but that phone i think suffered from a TBI at some point. Is it configurable? And if so, how? As this would definitely help maintain a long abttery lifespan, as I dont plan to upgrade again until it is NEEDED. I ran my 6s until 2018 when it was physically broken, and the 8 was just batcrap crazy for most of its life, so when it became clear it was unfixable i replaced it so i want to do what I can to pre3serve its lifespan, and that is one of the things, not charging a full battery for a couple hours every night.

I could swear there was something else too, maybe i will remember it later, but i appreciate any help you guys can offer.



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Apr 26, 2006
1. The Battery Widget shows the status of the battery of connected devices. You can swipe to the left to see it directly or add the Battery Widget to the home screen. There does not seem to be a way to get the old indicator back.

2. Backups go into a folder, hidden under your user account. In Windows C:\Users\<login>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\<hexadecimal> The AppData folder is a hidden folder. File Explorer options to show hidden folders needs to be used to get to it. It is hard to see what is there without a viewer of sorts.
- Pictures need to be manually copied from the iPhone to your pictures directory. This can be done with File Explorer or 3rd party software.

3. There are many ways of doing this. The easiest is to tell iTunes to sync a folder of pictures to your iPhone. Plug in the iPhone to iTunes, click on the iPhone button in the upper button bar, click on the Photos section of your iPhone in the left column, put a check mark next to Sync Photos, in the drop down next to Copy photos from: choose a folder or Pictures. This will put a copy of these photos from your PC into an album called From My Mac on your iPhone after the sync is complete.

4. Settings->Battery enable Optimize Battery Charging. It may not work exactly how you describe, but it should be close.