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AirPlay Video Apps



New member
Nov 18, 2005
Saskatchewan, Canada
I'd like to build a list of video apps for touchs, iPhones and iPads that will send AirPlay video to the Apple TV2. For the most part I believe this is what Steve Jobs was referring to in his biography when he said he cracked TV to simplify it. I know cable and satellite provider's are resisting this change, but I have also always thought this is the future of TV over the internet, apps or individual subscriptions from the producers.

Many apps will only send audio and are not eligible unless an update is released enabling video AirPlay. Also many video apps are regional such as Hulu only working in the US, please note this if known.

Here is what I found so far here in Canada:

Pretty much any video available through Safari such as Revision3. Their App will not send video through AirPlay however they just updated their web site to support HTML5 (which works) and not Flash video. YouTube also works even though the ATV has it's own app.

Global Video - probably only Canada, streams many episode of Glee, House, NCSI (including LA), The Ofice, Parenthood, Combat Hospital (love this series) and many more. Not all episodes are avilable but a great app to get one of the latest episodes you missed.

NASA App - for all the space geeks also sends it's live video feeds even for countries outside the US. Not sure about the NASA Television app yet.

TWIT Netcast Network from Mediafly - sends both archived episodes as well as a live video feed to the ATV2 with Airplay. My favorite internet "TV" network. This is the free app where the 99 cent TWIT app does not support AirPlay video.

Other apps I would like to see support AirPlay video is of course the rest of the Canadian networks, or Hulu for Canada. FORA.tv and TED should also add AirPlay support.

Please add what works for you and don't forget to add what country you are in.

Edit: Just tried the TED App which does send video to the ATV2, the TED Mobile app does not.
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