Advice needed re my iPod Classics SMART DATA values



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Feb 14, 2022
I have two 7th gen classics bought second hand. I'm a bit concerned about the SMART stats. Are they OK?

I'm most worried about the first (ipod A). Unusually I got carried away and paid more than I was intending on ebay as it appeared to be in immaculate condition and had a load of extras.

I know the second (iPod B) has a few problems but I'm not overly concerned as I paid almost nothing for it on Gumtree (c. £20-30) and intend to mod it at some point anyway.

Ipod A

Retracts : 1

Reallocs: 0

Pending sectors: 0

Power On Hours: 190

Start/Stops: 4719

Temp: Current 19c

Temp: Min 5c

Temp: Max 60c

When I bought it I only asked for the Reallocs and Pending sectors and assumed the drive was healthy because of the zero values. However I'm now a bit worried about seeing 1 Retract, 4719 Start/stops in 190 hours and a 60c max temp.

The max temp seems a bit concerning as I was under the impression that ideally 50 was the highest it should be. Could this be something innocuous - maybe simply the device once being in a hot environment rather than a component overheating or an inherent problem with the device?

Is the max temp the maximum recorded in the device's lifetime or the maximum during the immediate usage? In the latter case I could obviously monitor it to see if the temperature is an aberration.

I haven't actually received it yet so I can't check to see there are any obvious issues although its listed as no problems.

ipod B

Retracts : 6

Reallocs: 12

Pending sectors: 57

Power On Hours: 625

Start/Stops: 53117

Temp: Current 28c

Temp: Min 7c

Temp: Max 52c

I have barely used this ipod but it seems to work absolutely fine in every respect. I was wondering if the stats of this second iPod indicate failure sooner rather than later?

My brother wants to borrow it but I wouldn't want him to suddenly find his music is unusable. (Yes, I know he should backup, but I very much doubt he will be assiduous about that, no matter how much the importance of that is hammered home).

It may be worth noting that in the process of leaving it on for long periods to see what the battery life was like the pending sectors value reduced to 56 after a short while, but the reallocs value didn't change. I assume there was a sector which wasn't bad after all?