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    iPhone backup question

    When I click on "Full Backup of your iPhone" to my home computer, does it really back up everything on my iPhone, including all my songs? Or does it just backup my playlists and then relies on my iTunes library to get the songs back should a Restore be necessary? I could either situation...
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    iPod line out and volume control

    When connecting an iPod to a stereo system using the line out (not the headphone jack) I know the iPod volume control does not affect the volume coming out of the speakers. You must use the stereo/head unit volume control for that. Does the iPod volume level have any effect on the line out...
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    Upgrading iPhone 4S to iOS 6.01

    Hi - when the upgrade to iOS 6.01 is done will I be left with an essentially factory fresh iPhone 4S that I'll have to set back up to my liking or will the upgrade finish and my email and apps be as they are now? I'm guessing the former but hoping for the latter. TIA
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    iTunes library and moving "My Documents" folder

    Windows XP machine Default folders under "My Documents" are used for iTunes (latest version) Library syncs with various iPods and iOS devices Keep iTunes Media folder organized is checked Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library is checked My Documents and all sub-folders backed...
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    How to remove iCloud playlists and songs from iPhone

    A couple months ago I set up my iPhone 4S to access my iTunes music from the cloud when I set up iTunes match. I thought it would be cool to have access to all of my music from the phone. Yeah, well, turns out I don't want that. I have my iPod Classic and what I really want is just a few...
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    Shuffle 4G and smart playlists

    Is there any way to set the date/time on a 4G Shuffle so that smart playlists with the criteria "not played in the last X days" will update after using the Shuffle and syncing it?
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    iPod Classic 160GB troubles

    iPod Classic 160GB Purchased new, May 2010 Three days in a row I've had a problem where I can listen to it all day at work (about 100 songs) and turn it off when I'm done. Then later when I get home and want to sync, it just gets stuck on the Apple logo screen forever and won't sync. So I try...
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    Skip Count head scratcher

    I don't think Skip Count is working properly for me. There's no way I have skipped songs thousands of times! Seriously, I have songs with skip counts of 2,316 and 2,313 (play counts of 19 and 17 respectively). That's madness. I have 193 songs with skip counts greater than 1000. Again...
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    [iPod2Car] Differences in functionality between 5G video and Classic

    Background: 2004 Corvette Stock Bose system, no CD changer, no XM Installed a Peripheral iPod2Car device in it a couple years ago iPod 5G (video), 60GB: This ipod works fine in the car. I'm able to do some rudimentary controlling of the iPod from the head unit such as skipping to the next...
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    iTunes 9.0.3 update

    Was prompted about this update this morning. I don't update without checking out the reasons for the update (and running a full backup, of course ;) ). The changelog mentions several bug fixes, including: • iTunes no longer ignores your “Remember password...
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    Imho Genius Mixes should exclude... music.
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    Using smart lists, is there a way to identify multi-disc sets?

    Title pretty much says it all. I'm trying to figure out how to identify multi-disc sets using a smart playlist. The muti-disc sets in my library are tagged as disc # of #. It's easy to get discs 2 and higher by simply using the criteria "disc number is in the range 2 through 10" for...
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    Unexpected playlists appear on iPod...why?

    iPod 5g (60GB) iPod nano 1g (2GB and 4GB) iPod nano 3g (4GB and 4GB) WinXP (SP2) iTunes (but it also happened with prior versions) We use iTunes exclusively - no third party apps to manage music. We all have playlists set up and sync them to our own iPods. However, after a sync when...
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    Did the flash upgrade, have click-wheel issue

    Hi - long time lurker, first time poster (quack! quack!) Thanks to some of that lurking I decided to revive my first gen mini by doing the flash card upgrade (16GB A-Data). I did it last night and all appeared to go well. When I fired it up this morning to give a listen I encountered a...