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    My hard disk is beeping

    OK this freaks me out. I was restarting my laptop and when I did, the external hard disk (by LaCie) started .. beeping. Like a bomb. I #### you not. My computer didn't recognise it at all so I tried plugging and replugging the cords but that wouldn't help, I've tried turning the HDD off and on...
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    Using iPod on Powerbook G4 line-in

    Hey guys, I play world of warcrack (don't do it kids) and during raids, my guild uses teamspeak. I wanted to provide the guild with a li'l tune during the raids so I thought I'd plug in the iPod into the line-in with a cable (which I already had), but no sound's coming out. When I check the...
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    Limited amount of fonts in Photoshop CS :/

    Hey guys. I have a kind of a weird question. I use FontBook to manage my font collection (around 700 of them), which I copied directly off my Windows computer when I switched to mac about a year ago. The fonts work fine in Word (I get the complete list anyway). But when I check in Photoshop...
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    iTunes playlist empty??

    This is really weird. I shut off my computer yesterday evening (something I rarely do) and iTunes was still working fine. This morning I turned on the computer again, but rather than logging in on my work account, I logged in to another account I made especially for running games. Out of sheer...
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    Adding album art only per song, not per album (what what what?)

    When I drag the album art into the corresponding figure, it adds that particular piece of art to that song, but not to the entire album that song belongs to.. Why on earth not? Or am I doing something wrong? I'm using mac btw but I'm fairly sure that doesn't matter.
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    Tutorial: how to watch any DVD on your iPod! (Macintosh only)

    I found a tutorial how to use a completely free piece of software so you can get iPod-ready files at your disposal. It's very very easy-- just keep in mind the process takes a while (and requires some attention from your RAM and videocard -- so you can't do much else in the meanwhile). This...
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    2nd gen iPod with faulty hard drive?

    I bought a second hand 2G iPod (the one with the five physical buttons and touch wheel) with 20gb. The guy I bought it from said he simply didn't use it for a year now. The iPod has no physical damage, but there seems to be a number of problems with it: the most important failure is that the...
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    Importing songs from windows-formatted iPod into iMac!

    About a year ago I bought a 20gb 3rd gen iPod for Windows. Against all expectations however I'm getting rid of my windows systems and I already bought an iMac, powerbook is also due somewhere before summer. I know that there's a windows software called iPod agent, but it's WIN-exclusive...
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    iPod's contents do not correspond with Computer's-- What the huh?

    iPod's contents do not correspond with Computer's -- SOLVED: read inside how I've got a problem which seems to be a lot more confusing than it looks. I'll explain briefly what happened in easy-to-read paragraphs. 1. My Hard-disk crashed; luckily my 1500 music files/8,5gb were still on my 3G...
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    Please help a fellow lounger with this questionnaire!

    Hey lads and ladies, I'm doing an external communication research for this non-profit organization in Amsterdam that helps people who do not speak Dutch to settle in the Netherlands. Because of this I am required to run a questionnaire, so I made this and I'd like to ask for your assistance and...
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    Make your own punk song and win er, ummm,.. Well just make your own punk song!

    I've never had so much fun with a flash game as with this one: Punk-O-Rama!. May take a while to load, but DEFINITELY worth it if you dig punk. Post your results too! You can do that by clicking on 'save', click in the field with the dashes and numbers and press ctrl+a to select everything in...
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    iPod Posters

    I betcha don't got one of these! ;) I got it through the official printer organization in the Netherlands (JC Decaux.. visit their website, fill in the form and hope they still have some left for you). they're hugely immensely big and I was happy to find a blind spot on that wall.. I can't...
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    Epics -- List your Favorite Long Songs! (or check this for recommendations!)

    Epics-- Also known as rock/metal operas, or progressive rock/metal, or symphonic rock. Epics are songs performed by a normal-sized band, without actual limits in time-- whereas a 'regular' song would play for about 3-4 minutes, an epic can pass the 30 or 40 minute mark with ease--without...
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    Difference between exo2 and exo3-- besides 10.50 USD?

    I was browsing their site when I stumbled onto two seemingly identical cases, EXO2 and EXO3, like these: (exo2) and (exo3 obviously) I couldn't...
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    *.Ogg files to iPod

    Alright, as you may or may not know, with the new PC game 'Unreal Tournament 2004' there comes a soundtrack, which is in *.ogg format. Now, I knew I've seen this before in correlation with iPod (in fact in this forum) and I tried to import this entire ut2k4/music folder into iTunes, but it...
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    Your favorite Equalizer ?

    I find it hard to get the right equalizer for my music.. At least through the white buds which I only use for background music anyway (using my big Philips headphones in traffic is like playing in it), but when I'm in the bus or wherever I like to use the top qual headphones, and they represent...
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    The Post for stuff you just wanna tell people.

    sup dudes. I have no clue whether this is appreciated or not, but I find this very helpful at times, and above all it prevents further cluttering on the boards of semi-pointless posts (kind of a paradox since an off-topic forumboard is hardly ever relevant). By combining it all into one single...
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    What music do you keep on your iPod?

    I can imagine that with 40gigs players out there, you either have an extremely broad taste or you just shoved whatever you could find through the usb cable. Currently my database is well about 9 gigs, but I wonder how far I can go, really. I mean for me to find music that I still consider...