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    No SOund after conversion

    Hey, I have an .avi file that i want to put on the video ipod and I used QTP to export to ipod and after i converted it didnt have any sound. Te original played perfectly. Any ideas on why this happened and how i can avoid it in the future?
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    100 million countdown just got harder to win

    The contest to buy the 100 millionth song for itunes just got harder. doesn't list the song count it only says 97,000,000+. Counters that you download still work though. Best of luck to everybody!
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    Hard Case

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows a cheap way that I can lug around my ipod that would be in a hard case. The STM Cocoon seems ideal for tis but i just bought 2 lajo cases and I don't want to specd for another case. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance P.S. My 100th Post..........yay!
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    "ipod service error"

    Hi, After getting a bad virus on my computer, I had to install a brand new copy of windows. Therfore, even though all my data is still there, none of it shows up. So I have to reinstall all my programs. I reinstalled iTunes, and downloaded the latest ipod firmware( 4-28-04) when i try to open...
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    evo screen protector

    Hi, Is the iskin eVo screen protector compatible with the iskin exo2? Thanks
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    How has the eVo evolved?

    Hi, I was wondering what improvments were made from the exo2(iskins) to the eVo. Thanks
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    Hi, I know this might sound like a stupid quuestion but does anyone know when Lajo will have a sale? I know he had one on mothers day that was 50% off, do you think he will have something similiar on memorial day? Thanks for all your help
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    Exo3 Ashphalt or Ice.. Help!

    Hi, I have decided to get lajo's exo 3. But I'm torn between the asphalt and the ice colors. They both look so good! Please help me, is there any cons to any of them? I've seen people using babu powder, is that going to be worse for the asphalt. how about the air bubbles in the ice HELP!!!!!
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    Ratings and Play Counts

    Hi, I started a new user name on my computer and I imported all my songs using xml from within iTunes, but it didn't importany of the ratings or playcounts. Is there a way to put all my playcounts and ratings back in. BTW, all te info is stored on my ipod, but i'm scared that if I sync it will...
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    A couple of questions

    Hey, I have a couple of questions. Is there a way to save a party shuffle so I can listen to it at a later time while refreshing the list. And also is there a way that itunes could import album art from Gracenote CDDB as well as the ID3 tags? Thanks in advance
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    Album Art

    Is there any way for itunes to download album art through CDDB?
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    Screen Of iPod

    Hi, I was carrying my ipod in my pocket and it got areally bad smudge on the screen. Is there anyway to clean it without buying a seperate product(like iCleaner) Thanx
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    Hi, I got the iskin a little while back and i've been very satisfied with it. But I have one major complaint. Its too grippy. Its great for handling, but getting it in and out of my pocket is a nightmare. Is there anything that I can do to my iskin to make it slide in and out of my pocket...
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    HELP! Can't Install

    Hi, I downloaded iTunes and when the installer wizard started it went fine until the screen said preparing to install and the progress bar was half way through, and my computer completly freezes up and I have to unhook and hook up the power Please help me. Thanks in advance.
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    Updater Not Working

    Hey, I want to upgrade to firmware 2.1 (ITMS, woot!), but my upgrade button is dimmed. I have 2.0.1 Any Suggestions? Thanks In Advance
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    iPods songs to windows

    Hey, How would I transfer songs from the iPod to my hard drive? Could I copy the .mp3s in the ipod_control file to the hard drive? Any other way?
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    Cheap Portable Speakers

    Hey, Does anyone know any portable speakers that go for under $35 that I could use for the ipod. They don't need to be bass-boming megatons that blow you out of a room. They could be inflatable for all I care. I just want it to be able to fill a medium-sized room. Any suggestions?
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    I just got my iskin exo in caribbean blue from think different store. treated me(and probably alot of other people) like dirt so I got a refund from, ordered from think different, and it came in 2 days:D Heres a photo
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    How Do I. . . . Refunds

    How do I find out if refunded my paypal account? I'm kinda new to using paypal/ebay and I want to make sure they gave me the refund before I order from the think different store.
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    iSkin eXo at macworld

    Hey, In the article from ipod lounge MWNY 03 he said the iskin exos were being sold. (6th paragraph). Did anyone buy it? how is it if you did.