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    Best way to get a PDF onto iPad?

    Just got my iPad and loving it so far! I have a few PDFs for work that I'd like to put on there and read. What's the best way to do that?
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    Cool dock for the price:

    I just received this dock and it works just as well as the Apple one but is way cheaper: It's so much nicer to have a doc than to have to put down the iPhone and use the cable only.
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    VOTE: Should I let my employer pay my iPhone bill?

    My employer has offered to take over my monthly AT&T iPhone bill however, I'm the kind of person who likes to upgrade my iPhone every time a new version comes out. My employer has said that if I'm under their corporate account, upgrades will be on a case by case basis (ie. I'd probably have to...
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    Old iPod dock is it really line out?

    I got an older Apple iPod universal dock (the one with the S Video out and a IR port on the front for a remote) and when I'm using the line out jack on the back of it, I can still adjust the iPod volume. I thought a true line out, the volume adjustment is handled by your external amp. So, is...
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    Can I buy iPhone 3GS @ full price with no contract?

    Is there any way I can buy the iPhone 3GS at the full price with no contract? If so, how? I tried doing so on but was not able to find out how to do that.
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    Which Sony earbuds should I get?

    Which Sony earbuds should I get? I have some ex71s that I really like the sound on but they are starting to fall apart. What is a current model that I should look at that has good bass?
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    Connect to computer without syncing?

    I saw some accessory a while back that allows you to charge a iphone/ipod without syncing it. Can anyone point me to this accessory? I'm not having luck finding what it's called.
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    Dr Dre In-Ears or VModa Vibe IIs?

    I'm trying to decide which earuds to buy. Has anyone heard the Dr Dre Monster Tour In-Ear ones? How do they compare to the VMode Vibe II? Is there another one I should consider for good bass?
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    Video review-iPhone Suede Jacket by SFBags

    This is my video review of the iPhone / iPhone 3G Suede Jacket by I really like it.
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    iPhone 3G line out cable?

    I'm looking for an iPhone 3G line out cable that attaches to the bottom dock connector. My car stereo has an AUX in jack that I would like to connect it to. Bonus if the cable also has a cigarette lighter charger. Does such a cable exist? If so, what should I buy?
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    iPhone allow you to make calls even when locked

    Per this video: I verified that the iPhone allows you to place calls to anyone, even when locked. I tried it myself and it works. Lock your iPhone, press "Emergency Call" and you can dial any number you want.
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    $8.99 more per month for earlier nights worth it?

    I'm trying to decide if signing up for the $8.99 earlier nights is worth it. This gives you nights starting at 7pm rather than 9pm and also it goes until 7am rather than 6am I believe. Do you think this is worth it?
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    I need a line out cable for iPhone

    I need a line out cable for the iPhone that connects to the bottom dock connector. Does one exist? Preferrably it would have a 1/8th inch female connector on it so I can plug it into my car. Currency I have the Sik Imp cable bit that doesnt work with the iPhone, only my iPod.
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    Use Yahoo Mail for incoming and another for outgoing?

    Is there a way I can use Yahoo email for incoming but send from another email address (not my Yahoo one) for outgoing? How would I set this up?
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    Focal length of iPhone camera?

    What is the effective focal length of the iPhone camera? It seems like a normal lens (probably about 50mm) but I'm curious if this has been stated anywhere.
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    Simple slip case for iPhone?

    I'm looking for a simple slip case for the iphone. Something like the one that the comes with the ipod. Either cloth or leather. Does anyone know if this exists yet? Usually i like to keep the iphone in my pocket as is with no case or anything. But I need something to put it in for those times...
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    Do you leave wifi on all the time?

    So I'm noticing that wifi uses up the battery a lot faster. I don't really need wifi when I'm out and about or at work since as I don't have wifi there. I just have it at home and it could be at cafes and places like that. Should I only turn it on on an as needed basis?
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    Headphone adapter to use regular headphones

    What's the best headphone jack adapter for the iPhone so I can use any headphones? I tried the Belkin one but it's like 3 inches long. I'm looking for something a lot smaller. Any suggestions?
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    You can now watch movie trailers on iPhone!

    You can now watch movie trailers on iPhone! Just goto: works best when using wifi though.
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    Speed test for iPhone

    Here is a good URL for a speed test; Choose a larger file like 600k or 1mb. It works with both EDGE and Wifi.