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    Facebook will not load all the way on safari

    ...all other websites load fine. It’s just Facebook. The top half and first post will load but that little circle that swirls around it just stalls and does nothing.
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    App vs Safari

    I found if I just use safari for Facebook and YouTube where there are apps and not have the apps I would be saving some memory on my iPad. Because I like to store off line downloaded music on there like an iPod. Maybe I’ll get a new iPod one day after i move, I don’t know but for the time being...
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    How do you rename a playlist on your iPad?...

    Can you rename a playlist on your iPad without having to go to your compute? I do not see that option. This is what frustrates me, they do not give you all options in these menus. Can someone explain to me why there do not put every option on your iPad so you won’t have to go to your computer...
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    How do I delete a song from my iPad using iTunes?

    I used to be able to now I can not because it is not in the option list when I right click.
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    My iPad will not recognize as one album

    I just reloaded my muson my iPad. I wanted to put complete albums on there but the iPad does not recognize the songs being from the same album. For example one album is Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of The Holy” the album is listed on my iPad 8 times as if it’s a different album. All my music is like...
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    Where is my activity log on my Facebook page on the safari browser on my iPad?

    And it’s not in the ‘about info” I checked...
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    About clearing history and website data...

    Will it delete my saved passwords? My iPad storage is getting a tiny bit low and I want to make more space.
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    iPad will not send email

    This is about my moms iPad. Before I got this current one, I was using my mothers iPad. And I put some pics on there. I wanted to send the pictures from my moms iPad to my email. But it did not send. It said it sent but it did not. It was not in my email. My moms email can not send mail. she can...
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    Music player on my iPad randomly stops playing.

    I downloaded some music on my iPads music player to play off line. And I shuffle my music. But for no reason at all it’ll just stop playing. Does anyone know why???
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    Sometimes alarm will not go off.

    On my moms iPad I have set the alarm for 7am every morning. But for some reason it did not go off this morning and I was listening for it. It’s always, that little clock icon is always on upper right hand corner. But for some reason it did not go off. can you think of any reason why? The volume...
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    dead blu ray remote

    In the living there’s an LG blu ray play that about 9 years old. Everything was still working fine until last night. The player did not respond to the remote control, I tried switching batterie...nothing. Unfortunately I live in Mex and they don’t have universal remotes for American players. I...
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    Battery problem

    iPad is having problems charging. I use an extension cord with my iPad cord plugged into a power box because electricity in Mexico is to extreme, power box is safer. the last 2 times I would plug in my charger and it would charge but look at it later and it would not be charging. Then I would...
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    Help! I had an accident... are pin drives durable?

    I had an accident I dropped all my pin drives on the marble floor in my house. I keep them in a Tupperware compntsiner and I accidentally spilled them, not only that my room was a bit dark and I have sight problems I stepped on a couple. I’m testing my pin drives now so far....ok. My only...
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    Can you mange the playing order of video files on devices?

    I just have one more question. I like watch and fall asleep watching some groups of vids one after another in a certain order. Like a TV show. The LGsmartTV does it correctly it puts the videos in order by name but the blu Ray doesn’t do that. I think it plays them in the order that it was...
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    Amazon on a Mac?

    When or if a get an Apple Mac computer of any kind. (this topic is loosely related to this topic ) I have an Amazon account, I buy things from Amazon and I even downloaded a few albums...
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    Question about USB ports, pin drives and video types

    I have 15 pin drives full of videos and music. most videos are MP4 but some are MKV. I thought that nowadays that most devices like SmartTVs and blu Ray players will play all video types including MP4s and MKVs. But while I was visiting my sister in California the MP4 vids will work but not...
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    Why won’t photos load on here anymore?

    When I post a thread I used to be able to send photos of examples of my problem now when I try to load a pic from my library like I used to do, it would just say 0% and then stop.
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    Would like another iPod just for music...

    ...and I would like to keep it simple as possible. Is there an iPod that is at least 32GB and does not show album covers just display title artist and album title. And will play albums as whole and will shuffle albums as well as songs. Will not do like this iPad does which is take a group of...
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    Why does my iPad memory fluctuate?

    I’m not putting anything new on it but it went from 14.27 GB to 13.83. And it keeps flucoating up and down and eventually down. What is causing that and how do I get it to stop?
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    Song info giving wrong album cover.

    I’ve finaly hooked in my iPad to my computer but there’s a new problem. The iPad is showing the wrong album cover. I go to dong info, click cover art and put in the pic of the correct album BUT, it still shows another album cover. Why is it doing this?