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    New PC: Itunes can't find songs

    I migrated to a Windows 10 PC. I copied over my songs to C:/users/username/music. I use Windows Media player as my primary application, so most songs are organized with a sub-folder by artist. I use Itunes to install playlists on my Iphone. I doo not use icloud. This has worked fine for...
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    Iphone 6s battery life stinks

    I got a phone replacement under a damage claim, and my replacement cell phone’s battery is terrible. Iphone 6s, IOS 13.3 It was only at 94% maximum capacity out of the box, which is now down to 93%. It is very slow to fully charge, and does not tolerate cold temperatures at all. What’s...
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    Help! disable suggestions shortcuts etc

    Somewhere recently my phone stared suggesting actions and offering shortcuts all over the dang place, and I can't get it to stop. All of the sudden the phone has been suggesting and shortcutting and shoving it down my throat. I have turned off the three main suggestions buttons, but it has not...
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    importing playlist from pc to itunes skips some songs and doesn't import them

    When I import a playlist from the windows pc to itunes, itunes skips some songs and doesn't import them. Why? How can I fix this? It's a major pain because there's a couple dozen songs over a few playlists, with several hundred songs in total, and I have to go line by line just to figure out...
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    Add songs to an itunes playlist from windows

    I create playlists in windows pc media player then import them to itunes. What's the best way to add more songs to a playlist later? In the past, I have deleted the old itunes playlist and re-imported the new pc playlist. But I sometimes have to fix the itunes playlist for some songs, and...
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    Basic document viewer app

    Hi, I have an app question. All I want is to easily move office docs from my pc to my iphone. Ideally as email attachments. Then store them in an organized way, and open and read them from time to time. Also be able to delete multiple files at once. I don't want any advertisements. No BS...