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    Need microphone but still want speakers

    Hi guys, my 3 year old plays with my iPod Touch, I have games like Talking Carl which he loved on my iPhone. I want him to play it on the iPod but I bought a mic for it but when it's plugged in the iPod thinks there's earphones plugged in too is there anything I can but that just uses the mic...
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    iPhone users, another "which app" post

    Next month I'm defecting from my Android phone to the iPhone 3G S for a while (until Android hardware gets better, the OS is already there, although I'll be keeping and modding my G1) Can you recommend any apps that do the following that I'm used to on Android (I've looked on the App store in...
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    Urgently looking for some software...

    ...that can normalize the volume of all my MP4 music videos! I have around 400 music videos but some are really quiet and some are really loud so I'm constantly having to adjust the volume. DOes anyone know of any software that will normalize the volume (preferably as a batch) of the video...
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    Do car stereos with USB work?

    quick question, do car stereos that accept USB as an input allow you to plug the iPod in via the dock connector and play the music through the stereo? Looking for cheapest way to have my iPod touch play audio through a car stereo while still getting power without using cigarette lighter (cos...
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    I'm looking for a 3.5mm jack to iPod dock connector (female)

    basically, I'm looking for exactly one of these: but hoping someone makes a cheaper one because this seems far too expensive for what it is! the reason I'm after one is so I can plug anything with a 3.5mm jack output into my iPod connector in my car...
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    Anything like Tag&Rename for MP4 videos?

    Guys & girls, later this week I'm going to be converting about 200 videos into a format the iPod will be able to play, the problem is that it takes AGES to tag them in iTunes because it's so slow! is there any software out there that will allow me to batch tag them all? I want the same album...
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    Looking for car air vent holder...

    Hi guys, I'm looking for car air vent holder for the iPod Touch/iPhone that will allow the ipod to sit on its side so videos can be watched by the passenger in widescreen rather than having the iPod upright I have something that suctions onto the window that will do it but need something for...
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    iPod touch 3rd party apps (for jailbroken iPod)

    does anyone know if there's a website out there that lists apps/games for jailbroken iPod touches? am getting one soon and thinking about jailbreaking it but want to know what's available
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    2 iTunes store accounts, 1 computer

    Can anyone help? the wife has 2 iTunes accounts (one from a while ago with an old email address and a newer one). She has bought songs under both accounts. It's not allowing her to put songs bought from both accounts on her iPod or play them on her macbook, it is only allowing her to do the ones...
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    Playlist missing out 1/3 of songs

    I have a 5G iPod video and regularily travel to the coast which is 1.75 hour journey. I have a "trip" playlist of music videos (the iPod faces the wife in the passenger seat). However, the past few times we've been I've noticed it only plays about 1.5 hours of songs and then repeats them (the...
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    Automatically add lyrics?

    Does anyone know if there's a way to automatically add lyrics to the tags of the mp3's/acc's I have in iTunes? I did it with album covers a few years ago to get my library up to date, but wondered if there's anything that does the same thing for lyrics? I'd prefer it if I didn't have to play...
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    iTunes can't see songs even though they're there

    I've just re-installed windows and iTunes, but coppied accross the iTunes folder from my documents so I can keep my library and playlists intact. When I click on a lot of tracks/music videos to play them it says it cannot find them, but when I point it to the folder it finds them OK. I have it...
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    Problem with Quicktime (and therefore iTunes): Error 46 (Active X control) in Vista

    I know neither are officially supported in Vista, but some people have them working and it would be nice to have them even partially working on my system! I have Vista 32bit Ultimate iTunes 7.0 bluescreened when I tried it each time. Since upgrading to 7.1 (and since, 7.1.1) I've been having...
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    Superman Returns teaser trailer in iPod format or
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    Play video on your Nano
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    nothing appears on iPod

    I just sold my old 4G mono iPod to my brother yesterday, I did a reset before I gave it to him (using the latest update software) He's put about 700Mb on it to test it, he said it took a while to go transfer (so something must have gone on there!) He's just gone to use it but the iPod doesn't...
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    Question about photo's on 5G

    I use photoshop Elements, in there I have various things set up including people tags and event tags, in total I have 3096 photo's at the moment When I allow these to sync with my iPod it puts them all on (which is what I want), the problem is that it just lists them, is there a way to look...
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    iTunes just gone funny - like MacOSX buttons appeared

    iTunes has been working fine on for a few days, gone to use it this morning and part of the top of the window has changed to a different grey and my minimise, close & maximise butting have become identical to the Mac OSX ones in the top left, I can't see all of my volume bar and can't...
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    How do you create a video playlist?

    as the subject said... How do you create a video playlist? I have 300 music vids in the "video" bit in iTunes, how do you create playlists with them to watch on the iPod like you can do with audio? I know I could have them all in the 1 "music videos" list, but I have some faster ones I wanna...
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    Needs help resetting/formatting 4G iPod

    I'm about to sell my iPod but before I do it I'd like to wipe everything that's on there so it's like a clean install for the new person (without losing anything from iTunes) I've searched these forums but cannot find anything any help would be appreciated