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    Flickering App Icons - Solved?

    In another post I had mentioned that my iPod 6th gen’s App Icons would flicker sometimes. I saw it happening again the other day, and noticed that the text underneath the icon would change to “Cleaning...” while the Icon flickered. (It happens very quickly, so I had to pay attention to it to see...
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    Unable to Remove a Video from iMovie on my iPod touch 6th gen

    Hi I have been adding photos and videos to my Files App, (drag and drop on the PC to iCloud), to view and share with others. I was testing some of the options, and had selected “Save Video “ and the Video was saved to my Camera Roll (Photos App), and also showed up in iMovie. I deleted it from...
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    Alarm disappears after setting it in the reminders app

    Hi I was looking for a to do list and was looking to see if Apple had one and saw that the Reminders app was supposed to be very good. I tried a few times to set an alarm for tomorrow and every time I hit “done” and I go back to the main screen it is there under the item, but disappears after a...
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    Just Bought a New iPod Touch 6th Gen and have a few questions

    Hi I just bought a new iPod touch 6th Generation to replace my iPod touch 4th Generation which served me well, but I was getting frustrated with Safari crashing when loading pages with lots of graphics, and now YouTube won't let me sign in anymore. And the battery, well the iPod 4th Gen needs to...
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    Transferring Bookmarks To a New iPod Touch

    I am considering getting rid of my iPod Touch 4 Gen as it won't let me install any newer apps as it is running on iOS 6. (Also the battery runs down super fast even when running music so it has to be plugged in to a charger all the time). If I get a new iPod Touch, will I automatically get the...
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    iCloud Bookmarks not syncing in Firefox on PC

    My iCloud isn't working and therefore my bookmarks are not syncing between my iPod Touch and Firefox on my PC. When I open iCloud on my PC the options are unchecked and when I check Bookmarks I am sent to a website to download an add-on, which doesn't work. When I open iCloud again it is...
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    Bug in new You Tube app v. 10 want to back grade to v.9

    I updated the YouTube app on my iPod touch a few days ago and when I went to add a video to my playlists it only gives me the option to cancel or create new playlist. I would like to reinstall version 9, as it was working fine before. How do I do this? I figure that I delete the YouTube from my...
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    Upgraded PC & Apps No Longer In Mobile Applications Folder

    Hi I had to upgrade my OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. I managed to backup all my stuff except I didn't do the apps as I assumed I wouldn't need to. After loading all my songs and the itl file, I synced and backed up my iPod. There is only one app showing in the Mobile Applications folder...
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    Unable to check number of items in iTunes 11

    I have upgraded my computer from Windows XP 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit. I have installed iTunes and have started loading my purchased m4a's and voice memos. I am unable to see the count that used to be at the bottom of the screen that would say, for example, 380 items, 1.5 days, 8.2 GB. Does...
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    Voice Memo Problems

    I have iTunes 10 and an iPod 4th gen. I have 347 songs so far, and 32 voice memos for a total of 379 items in iTunes. I have found that giving the voice memo a file name (in Get Info) causes the ID tag and therefore the header of the m4a to have its time and date changed from when the original...
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    Are Tags Stored In The M4a As Well as The itl File?

    I am backing up my music and itl files to M-Discs (Discs are rated 1000 years). I am currently using a LG portable (GP60NB50) burner To burn 4.7 GB M-Discs, as I do not have usb 3.0 to run an external Blu-Ray M-Disc burner (25 GB). So to conserve space, I am considering not backing up my M4a's...
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    itl library file changes size by itself

    My user account login was corrupted so I had to rebuild it. To keep the paths the same I first created a "Temp" profile, copied everything across, deleted my regular account, then rebuilt it. When I started iTunes, I checked the size of the itl and xml files and they were smaller. I copied the...
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    Alarm Lock App - find lost iPods iPads and iPhones via twitter

    I can't use The Find My iPhone App as I use Windows computers and it only runs on Mac. I found this App called Alarm Lock (for $2.99) and it looks like it can be setup to use the GPS or WiFi and send its location via Twitter for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. I don't yet have a Twitter account, but...
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    iTunes 10.6 vs iTunes 11

    Hi I'm still using iTunes 10 and I'm wondering a few things. Most important is, if I don't upgrade will iTunes eventually not be able to read my library files, causing me to rebuild it from scratch? The other thing is, is iTunes 11 very different and are there problems or features that are hard...
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    Unusual Grouping When Viewed By Artist

    I just added a folder for a CD of 22 mp3s using the add folder command. For some reason when viewing by artist it is grouping two separate artists together. Both artists names begin with Wh. Other artists that begin with the letter B are not grouping together. I am using iTunes 10.6. thanks
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    Comments in mp3 ID Tags not all importing to iTunes

    I searched the forum and found many topics about problems with the ID3 tags in iTunes but nothing about this. When I add a file (or folder) to my library sometimes the Comments are not copying into iTunes. It's unusual because if I import an album some songs have the comment and some are blank...
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    iTunes automatically starts copying songs when I delete playlists

    I'm probably overlooking something basic here such as the "recently added" smartlists, but I just had this problem, and I was in manually sync and it happened. I had completed a full sync of all my music. I wasn't happy with a few playlists so I was going to recreate them from scratch. I put...
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    iOS 6.1 update question

    Is anyone having any problems with the iOS 6.1 update on their 4th gen? Is it safe to install it?
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    How can I tell when to stop upgrading apps for 4g

    Is there a way of telling if an app upgrade isn't going to run properly on my iPod touch 4g? Or should I stop upgrading the apps I already have?
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    Transfer Bookmarks to PC?

    I'd like to copy my bookmarks onto my PC and I started writing them out (!) then I found I can copy the link from the iPod bookmark edit mode to the iPod email. But does anyone know if there is an easier way? It's taking me a long time! Thanks