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  1. Haider Khan

    I'm new Here

    Welcome Vincent :)
  2. Haider Khan

    Netflix app problem on tv.

    I never faced this issue with my Apple TV or Mac. If you are using a Netflix app made by your TV manufacturer, I would suggest you check whether the TV software is up to date. If the TV app is up to date, this might be due to your internet IP address. Is your internet IP dynamic? (Does it...
  3. Haider Khan

    Original iLounge staff

    Hello @funkyg Yes, iLounge has been sold and I am the new owner 😁 The old staff team no longer works at iLounge.
  4. Haider Khan

    iLounge Forum Updated

    Hello @cjmnews , I have added a dark theme on your request :D You can find an option to switch the site theme at the bottom left of the forum. (Select "Dark iLounge Theme") I hope it's fine.
  5. Haider Khan

    Info about the new iLounge blog

    Hello everyone, As you may have noticed that we haven't published anything on our blog for the last 45 days. Well, we had actually hired some developers to migrate our current site's data onto a famously known website software called "WordPress". The developers had told us not to publish any...
  6. Haider Khan

    The New iLounge Logo

    Hello everyone, I hired some professional designers to create a new logo for iLounge as the old one seemed to be very out dated. Here is the new logo which we would be using:- The i is actually a phone + a guy using a laptop and an L. I hope you like it 😁
  7. Haider Khan

    iLounge Forum Updated

    Oops, the old Restricted Access Areas forum was not visible for moderators. Please check now. Seems like I need to review the forum permissions for other groups.
  8. Haider Khan

    iLounge Forum Updated

    Yes, right now you are the only moderator with powers on the forum. Old moderators only got the rank but not the powers on the forum. I will make a special group for them like "Legend" or "Retired" to move all old team members in them. Yes, I will remove old stickies. If you got time, then go...
  9. Haider Khan

    iLounge Forum Updated

    I forgot to remove the 2-factor authentication requirement from the moderator's group, as I know it can be very annoying. I have removed it now and have removed it for all other groups. I will arrange a dark background theme shortly just for you @cjmnews 😁 Yes, you still can edit/delete posts...
  10. Haider Khan

    iLounge Forum Updated

    Hello everyone, Hope you guys are doing well! I would like to inform everyone that I have changed iLounge's forum software to a better and faster one. The previous one was a little outdated, so thought to give it a new fresh look. I hope you guys like it and if you find any bugs, do let me...