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    Duplicate Playlists

    Using Itunes 12.9 and I have problems with creating multiple playlist when I sync my devices. I have three, most current Ipod, and Ipod classic and a Iphone 5s. Is there a setting that might prevent this? Thanks
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    Ipod touch not seen but Classic is

    I have the latest Itunes and have been regularly syncing my Ipod Touch to it. Today the ipod did not show up when I connected it. The PC recognized it but when I ran Itunes diagnostics it said no Ipod was connected to it. I tried the following Turning the ipod off and on Tuning Itunes of and on...
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    podcast mp3s not available

    I download old radio shows in the form of mp3. I load them on Itunes, change them to podcasts and they show up in my podcasts directory, but when I syncs my Ipod touch (latest version) it may see 2 or three. What it does show is the file but when I click on them to play it says i should...
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    using two ipods copying problems

    I am using the latest Itunes 12.7 on my PC Win10 . I have two Ipods, an old Classic and the latest Ipod Touch. When I sync the old classic it seems to work fine but when I sync the Touch it looks like it copying the whole library over again, which is over 7000 songs and takes a considerable...
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    Auto add to Itunes folder not working

    I am on a PC, Win10 and just changed over from a win7 pc. My" Automatically add to Itunes" folder which I found very handy worked perfectly. I add mp3 files, in the new Win10 PC , that are old podcasts , they show up as music files and I then change to Podcast. I have been moving files into this...
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    no photo tab

    I am trying to add some photos from my pc to my Iphone 5 using Itunes ( latest version). But there is no longer a photo tab. I have spent a considerable amount of time researching this and there is no answer. I have hid and unhidden my side bar but there is no option tab for photos, either in...
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    Itunes 12 Visual option PC

    I wonder if its possible to have itunes display album artwork or a pic of the artist that covers the entire itunes display, not just a icon. Each song display would do this? Anyone ever hear of this? I used a program called Music Bee which did this very well. I can't use it anymore because it...
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    find missing tracks in Itunes 12

    I am trying to once again locate all my missing tracks in Itunes. [I] have searched the forum and have not seen a post for it recently. I have found this Select all tracks in library. Go to 'show info' and edit BPM to any number, click OK. Wait for iTunes to apply changes, will take...
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    I am using the latest version of Itunes and I want find all the missing tracks. I have been looking online for the procedure and found "Scans all tracks of the Library for those files that iTunes can find and adds them to a playlist called Found.It this is a script I ran , and I have created a...
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    missing songs on Itunes latest version

    I have a little over 6000 songs on Itunes Yesterday I noticed many (over 400) were missing or could not be located. The little exclamation point to the left of the song indicated this. So I spent considerable amount of time finding the songs online and replacing them. I added maybe...
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    quick question Ipad Transfer

    How can I transfer video files on my pc via Itunes to an Ipad that isn't synched with my Itunes, while i have another Ipad that is synched to it. When I try to transfer a file, Itunes wants to erase everything on the new Ipad. Can I manually manage what gets synched to the new Ipad without...
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    Podcasts don't show up

    I have downloaded a variety of podcasts in the form of mp3s. I transfer them into my Itunes (current version). I was having a difficult time finding them so i added a new sort field, date added, thinking this would allow me to see what i had just transferred. The problem is that only one or two...
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    No video option on Latest Ipod Classic

    I have the last model of the Ipod Classic. I was interested in seeing if I could play video from it on a TV. I looked up the procedure and it told me to set the video setting to TV or at least not to show up on the Ipod screen. There is no video settings on my ipod . It does play video. I have...
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    shuffle least played song

    I'm using Itunes 12.1 and I shuffle songs most of the time. I wonder if there is any way to sort on and shuffle the least played songs when I do this? Thanks
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    Ipad Podcast, where did they come from?

    I am using Itunes 11.4 to synch both my Ipod and Ipad. These are suppose to be separate libraries correct? After a recent update to my Ipad I discovered a icon for podcasts, which when opened has a list of all my podcasts from my Ipod and more. They don't automatically synch but they still show...
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    Deleting Podcast

    So after posting this a month ago, I've seen there is no way to manually delete podcast in Itunes 11.4.0. In fact I have found many people frustrated with the new version and wanting to revert to 10.7. My question is just how are podcast supposed to get deleted in 11.4?? There must be a way to...
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    podcast listings in Itunes 11.3

    I am on a new pc and downloaded the latest version of itunes 11.3. In my podcastss in my previous version I had the option to download a number of previous podcasts, in some case 20-30 of them. I think it was called "show all podcasts". I don't see this option anymore. I subscribe to This...
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    Itunes library change

    I have two pc's, one with my up to date itunes library on it and another with a library dated 6-9 month earlier( using the same Ipod). The newer pc has been in repairs for 2 months and I don't know when I'll get it back( a whole other problem). Because I know if I synch my old itunes with my...
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    Can't alter info on songs

    I have downloaded some songs for Itunes on my pc. Normally I can alter the info on them, change the artwork,ect. But there have been a few songs (mp3) format that won't allow any changes, even when it seems to take the change( like new artwork for example) it vanishes when I click ok. Is there...
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    converting to Audiobook Itunes 11.04

    I have seen this issue discussed before for Itunes 11. I have read the solutions, turning off Itunes match ( not relevant because it is not turned on) and in the "get info" selecting genre as audiobook as well as under options to audiobook. Neither of these worked. It used to work fine. In fact...