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    Search Function Broken

    Whenever I try to search I get this error: I use Firefox, but just to made sure I tried to search in IE and I got the same error.
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    <NOTE> THIS IS BREAKAWAY1029's attempt at the Promote iPodlounge Contest</NOTE> 1. Get a web site. Geocities, Angelfire...Whatever 2. Add the following HTML somewhere on your site <a href="">"iPodlounge"</a> 3. Add Your Site to Google 4. Get as many people as you...
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    New Program: MyTunesRemote

    I have created a little "remote" for itunes, that is very minimal, but functional. It has options allow users to keep the remote on top of all windows, and make the remote transparent in order to see what is beneath the remote. REMEMBER, though, THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST RELEASE. I will be out of...
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    How far would you go to protect your iPod?

    How far would you go to protect your precious iPod from harm? You can select multiple options.
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    Question about Signatures

    I was wondering if it is possible to display TEXT from another site in my sig. This text is DYNAMICALLY created. My old sig picture had "Now Playing" info dynamically placed onto it, and I really liked that. Now, I have a new sig, but still have the ability to write my "Now Playing" info to a...
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    How's my new sig?

    I like it, especially because I spent so much time getting the darn song to appear on the image....boy is PHP hard work.....(i'm a newbie to PHP)
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    Dynamic "NOW PLAYING" pic - PHP help needed

    I am VERY new to PHP. I run it on windows XP with Apache 2. I have a plugin for iTunes that dumps the Artist, Title, Genre, etc. into a line delimited text file. Now, I need to put that info onto a pic. I know that PHP can do this, I just don't know how. Could somebody help with the coding...
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    iPod Hacks Program

    I have created a little program that impliments the 3 know hacks to date: Voltage Hack, Cache Hack, and Deep Sleep Hack. The program can be found Here If you find any bugs or want the source code (in VB) please email me at...
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    Live Music Sharing

    Many bands now allow fans to tape concerts, and then post the tapes on the internet and share them with others, as long as the music is not sold. Does anybody here partake in sharing tapes online, and if so what sites/programs do you use. I only know of (AntsDownloader for DMB, and furthurnet...
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    Lajo's New Website

    Looks like Lajo's new website is almost here. He has already started changing to show some holiday spirit, and it seems like he will have the new site up in time for a holiday sale starting monday.
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    Extended Warranties

    I have read up on all three types of extended warranties that are available for the ipod (besy buy psp, compusa TAP, and AppleCare), but I believe that people are missing the one warranty that is right under their noses. I know for a fact that American Express doubles the warranty of any product...
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    Music Backup

    Would it be alright to back up my music folder on my computer as a zip file? I will be keeping a folder on my f: drive with the regular music files (.mp3's), along with the files on my ipod, and I was wondering if backing up the music files from my f: drive to a .zip file on my c: drive would be...
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    New Lajo Belt Clips

    Can the new belt clips that Lajo is releasing soon be clipped to the stub that is already on the cases, or is there a new way of attaching the clip to the belt?
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    Handling Duplicates

    Couldn't you just create a playlist for each album that you own, and then link 1 song to multiple albums, if for instance you have a "Best of..." album. This would take a long time, but it would help to save space by only using one song for multiple albums.
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    Battery Test - How long does yours last?

    Battery Test: Materials: Ipod, iTunes (win/mac) Procedure: **do not touch ipod buttons during testing** 1. Fully charge ipod 2. Turn off all alarms (Clock-->Alarm Clock-->Alarm = OFF, Extras-->Calander-->Alarms = OFF) 3. Set iPod to repeat any song of your choice *remember song name* **Note time...
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    Battery Test - How long does yours last?

    Battery Test: Materials: Ipod, iTunes (win/mac) Procedure: **do not touch ipod buttons during testing** 1. Fully charge ipod 2. Set iPod to repeat any song of your choice *remember song name* **Note time that you begin playing song** 3. Play song, and leave ipod alone 4. come back and check on...
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    Firmware/Hacking it

    Instead of hacking the firmware has someone thought of just writing a basic os that can make full use of the ipod? wouldn't that be much easier than trying to find the ipod source? Also, if a new os was written, it would be much easier to add support for other codecs, (.ogg...wma :eek: ), and...
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    Returns at Best Buy

    I at first had a 10 2G ipod, that i got like 28 days before 3G's came out, so i just exchanged that for a 15gb 3G at best buy, and they were really dumb about taking it mom brought it Best Buy to return it, without the firewire cable, charger, remote, headphones, or manual and cd, and...
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    It....Really.....Works! I tried it last night, with tartar control from both colgate and crest, and my only complaint is that it stays a little sticky. Instructions (FRONT): 1. Take soft cloth and add a tiny ammount of toothpaste that barely rises above the cloth. 2. Rub the toothpaste up and...
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    Unmount iPod shourtcut

    I was getting really tired ouf right clicking the little "Safely remove hardware" icon to unmount my iPod, so after looking around a little bit I found a batch command that will unmount it for you. devcon remove @sbp2\*IPOD* i don't know where i found this command, but the @sbp2 part is the...