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    Song info giving wrong album cover.

    I’ve finaly hooked in my iPad to my computer but there’s a new problem. The iPad is showing the wrong album cover. I go to dong info, click cover art and put in the pic of the correct album BUT, it still shows another album cover. Why is it doing this?
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    Albums are not displayed in the alternative "Music Player" app

    I took one of my pen drives, connect to the USB on her computer, and my iPad connect it to the other USB on her computer, pulled up iTunes and dragged some music from my pen drives over to my iPad. Some were full albums. I made a discovery though, it seems if you drag a full album from your pen...
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    My computer completely ignores my iPad.

    I’ve noticed that I have 23GB left on my pad and since I’m going on vacation, I’d like to see if I can’t put some music on there only about 9GB. I put the USB in the computer....and nothing, it’s as if nothing was in there I unlocked my pad, iTunes was up but nada nothing. I searched the...
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    Difficult Youtube question about volume leveling.

    I’ve made several playlists on YouTube hoping I can fall asleep to them but I can’t because each video is from different users uploaded at different volumes. Some are louder than others, that’s very nerve racking. Is there a feature on YouTube that controls volume leveling. Not only on iPad but...
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    Netflix app problem on tv.

    I don’t who else to ask. But like once a month. I have to resign in to Netflix, most of the time it keeps me signed in. When I turn the TV back on I’m still signed in but once a month, I’m not. I have to resign in again. Can anyone tell me what causes that. I thought that you can stay signed in...
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    Why is my iTunes recognizing 1 album as 2 albums?

    I downloaded iTunes on my hp and I put my music on it. From my pen drives. For some reason it is recognizing 1 album as 2 separate albums. It is a single album. It’s put all songs but one on one album and the one song on the other. Same exact album title same apexact artist same exact album...
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    USB support?

    I found on google where there’s an USB adapter for iPad. It has a USB port on one end and a iPad connector on the other. But my question is, is there way you can use an USB drive while charging your pad? Surely they have adopters that can fit both USB drives and a charger cord?
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    I have a new HP mini folding laptop computer now...

    ...not that wanted one but that’s a different story. I was trying to load my iTunes on it that I have backed up on a pin drive but...I’m not sure how to do that. I dragged the entire iTunes folder (that included the player itself) on the computer...and... I didn’t know what to do so I clicked...
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    The WORST has happened!

    I’m on a brand new iPad starting over. I was robbed a week ago, Thief came into my bedroom and stole my iPad, iPod, android smartphone and glasses. I immediately changed a lot of my passwords including my email, Apple ID, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, ilounge I changed just now. I share Amazon...
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    No more CD/DVD drives in Mac or HP?

    I’ve just been informed by a spanish speaking employee at Sam Wall Mart that ALL computer laptops will no longer have CD/DVD drives. Is this true? This REALLY limits me. I need to have to option of ripping my CDs and putting them on my pen drive and iPod. With no iTunes or CD/DVD drives, just...
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    How do I unhide a person on my Facebook messenger app?

    This person removed her messenger and I meant to delete the conversation on it but instead I hid it from my messenger. But you can still find this person if you do a search so now it seems I can not even delete a conversation with a hidden person. I have to in hide in order to totally delete the...
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    Spotify problems

    I have Spotify on my iPad. Sometimes I get this error message saying “Something went wrong, have another go” I can only play from my playlists, I can’t search, I can’t do anything. Can anyone tell me what causes this and how to fix it?!
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    I saw something that scares me. Will still be able to rip my CDs to iTunes then put them on my iPod? I just have one last CD album to put on my iPod then I’m done. But I don’t have a computer yet. Please itunes don’t go yet! Just let me move first and get...
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    Possibly minor battery problem with iPod.

    First of all I usually leave it plugged in when not in use. But when I do use it with the battery power, it can last playing a whole night while I sleep on battery power. Sometimes when it’s plugged in and I leave it for awhile (and this is rare) the battery icon shows it’s not plugged in when...
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    Is there a wattsapp for iPad?

    We are trying to sell our house and move from Mexico back to the USA, I want to keep in touch with some people, unfortunately some of those people are on my wattsapp on my android poloroid smartphone. There’s a good chance my smartphone won’t work in the US. I’m trying to find a wattsapp for my...
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    album artwork not showing on the iPod.

    I have an 8 year old iPod. Still works great. I'm using another computer to load CDs on it. All I have to do is to prevent automatic sync and I can add songs. It works. The problem is the album art will not show up. I look for thr album art on Google, save it, then go onto song info and add the...
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    (Sorta)new here and in trouble.

    I have 3 email accounts one of them is locked and I can not receive mail. Unfortunately that is also the email (which is Yahoo) I signed my Apple account with is on my iPad and is why I wanted to changes my email account on my iPad from the broken Yahoo account to my gmail account. Only trouble...