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    Finding an Mp3 file

    Thank you very much.
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    Finding an Mp3 file

    I had an Mp3 sent to my Ipad mini from a Windows 10 computer.I opened it and downloaded it but where do I find it to play it? I do have the VLC app installed which hopefully will play it. Thank you.
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    Page freezing

    I have one web site that freezes for up to 15 minutes saying "no internet connection". Not noticed it on other sites,could it be an issue with just this one?It does come back to life and works fine again.
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    Where do I find the percent character

    Thank you for all your replies.
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    WiFi issue

    Thank you for this information,appreciated.
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    WiFi issue

    My next door neighbour`s WiFi address has suddenly appeared on my list on my Ipad mini, it does have a padlock sign on it but does this mean he can access my WiFi?
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    Where do I find the percent character

    My bank has sent me a password to enter to read some information but one of the characters is the % character.Where do I find it on the Ipad?
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    E mail problem

    I have an Ipad mini version 9.3.5.I have two email accounts on, and,I have the same two on a desktop Win 10 pc.On the Ipad I can recieve emails to the Virginmedia address but if I try to reply or send new it says the password is incorrect.I have tried sending a test...
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    Facetime on full screen

    Is it possible when using facetime to view it in full screen mode?
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    Not connected

    I took my Ipad mini to a neighbours house 3 houses away to show him an item. When I turned it on I couldn`t get a connection to the internet.He dosesn`t have a computer or any kind of wi-fi,should I have been able to connect to my own network?
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    Video problem

    I have an Ipad version 5.1.1 which has developed a video problem. When I select the ITV player to watch a catch up programme,select from the list the show and press play,I get the message "Something went wrong please try again,with a code number 006.With the BBC news app,no video just a...
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    Playlist autoplay iOS 9.3.5

    I have created a playlist in music IOS 9.3.5.Is there anyway that AUTOPLAY can be disabled as I need to speak to an audience before playing the next track?
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    iTunes problem

    I have created a playlist of songs that I recorded on my Roland keyboard and converted them to Mp3.Each song was given it`s title and put into numerical order.I transferred them into I tunes ready to copy to my Ipad mini.There are 22 songs in the playlist but Itunes has put them in 8 different...
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    Apps running in the background

    What is the procedure for locating apps that are running in the background to disable them? Regards.
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    GPS Navidagtion app

    I recently downloaded a GPS navigation app.There was a 7day free trial with the option to buy.Whilst trying it in the house it gave me directions to the top of the street with a left turn at the top.When I called it up in the car for a "dummy run"I just got the message "This app requires an...
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    Maps app

    When selecting journey directions on the Map app,the destinations are saved. Is there a method of deleting these saved destinations as I have some that I no longer need? Regards.
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    Ipad trade in

    P C World are offering up to £200 for ANY Ipad for a limited time period, when trading in for a new Ipad.The ammount of trade in depends on the GENERATION of the old Ipad,how do you find the generation of an Ipad...
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    Ipad suddenly switching off

    My Ipad has suddenly started switching off whilst viewing different web pages. This is very annoying if I happen to be purchasing something online and have to start all over again.It happens on most web sites,can anyone help...
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    No response from Autofill

    A website has just changed it`s policies from an account number and pin number to a username and password.We created a new username and password for the site but each time we want to log in,the autofill doesn`t respond so we have to type them in every time.Can anyone advise please...
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    Remember user names and passwords.

    Hello everybody,I am new to this forum and also the Ipad.I would like to know if there is a way to ask the Ipad to remember user names and passwords to save having to type them in every time. Regards.