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    Positive: floridashock

    I purchased my 3G 4GB nano from him around 2 months ago off of this forum. Everything went great, shipping was fast and the iPod is working great. I'd like to tell everyone to buy something from him, he's a great seller and I'd buy more from him.
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    V-Moda Bass Freq

    I recently bought the black ones on Amazon. I have to say these are much better than the EX-71's I had before. My only complaint is that the cord is a bit fragile. I would recommend these over the EX-71's. Does anyone else have these and what do you think about these?
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    Acquired a 60GB iPod Photo

    I was at my friends house today and his dad just handed his old iPod to me. This iPod's HD is about to die and the battery lasts about 3 minutes. If the battery is dead the HD goes with it, we can't get it to charge without the HD. To get it working, we basically have to hit the back of the iPod...
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    Muffled bass?

    So, I was listening to my iPod through my computer speakers today and I noticed the high peaks of the bass are muffled a bit. I tried the song on my Apple earbuds, EX71's, and my iHome and it sounds the same. I tried most of the EQ's but it only happens on Bass Booster and Loudness which are the...
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    Anyone still use their iMac G3?

    Does anyone who still owns one use their iMac G3 on a daily basis? I did before the internet sharing stopped working. Something with DHCP and my Mac mini not liking each other... My iMac G3 is a 350MHz with OS X 10.3.9.
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    Simple case / slide for a 3rd gen nano

    Hello, I'm buying a 4GB 3G nano soon and I was wondering what would be a good simple case or slide for it? On my 1G I still have that black slide that came with it and i was wondering if there is anything like it for the 3G? Thanks. Edit I have decided to buy a Belkin Remix Acrylic.
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    High Capacity Nano's?

    When do you think High capacity Nano's will come out? I mean (10GB, 15GB etc...)