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    Ipod as hard drive

    I have Hallmark card creator software that eats up 1.6g of hard drive, slowing my laptop down considerablly. I have this idea to load the software on my ipod and run from ipod onto my laptop. I currently use my ipod for audible and music. Is there a problem with also using for hard drive. Do...
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    Volume low on audible

    The vloume seeams like I have to set it so high when listening to audible. I download format 3 and have tried format 4 and no difference. Do I have something set up wrong?
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    HELP ME Please!!!

    Ok let me give you a little background. Window 2000 3G 20gig. I went to sync my ipod and it did not complete before my battery ran out, so nothing got transferred, in fact I lost some of what was on the ipod. So I charged my battery over night. Next day I manually transferred mucis by genre...
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    Turn off auto start of MMJB

    How do I turn the MMJB from starting everytime I connect my ipod since MMJB takes awhile to start up. I am downloading audible more often then music.
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    Battery charge with firewire??

    Why does the battery not charge through a firewire, using Window 2000. If I am doing downloads to my ipod, will will suck up my entire battery I have to make sure I have a completely charged battery before loading songs to ipod.
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    Too many menu levels

    How can I cut down on the number of levels within a menu. i.e Spoken words Generes Spoken words All All Audible Finally the titles From the main menu I would like options: Music & Spoken Words Within Music I would want the different Genres w/o having to select Genres for the...
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    Clock does moving when playing audible

    The clock time never moves when i am playing an Audible. When I turn it off then on, then clock is correct, but I cannot see the correct time when playing. Help
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    iPod through car speaker w/ recharger

    Looking for a car kit that I can play my audibles through car speakers and have capabilty to charge the battery also.
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    external speakers with headphone plug in

    Can you plug in portable speakers into the head phone jack of the ipod? Where can I get such speakers if possilbe. Do they have to be special because of Apple product. Do not have to be high qulity speakers, we are talking about an audible not music. When traveling on a long trip I other...
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    10G or 15G docking station or not

    Deciding on a 10G or 15G. What are the pros and cons. I know I get the docking station with the 15, but do i need it? I will be using my iPod mainly for audible and second music. I only need to store the audible that has not been listened to since I can also download again from audible if i...
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    wireless connection & firewire card

    Ok I had purchased a iPod when they first came out and had so much trouble that I returned the iPod. I figured at the price it should be able to run itself. Anyway, looks like things have improved, so now I am considering and iPod once again. I purchased a firewire card when I first...
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    audible and iPod

    Audible requieres you to use MMJB, can I use MMJB to download my audible books and other software to download music?? This will help me determine whether I purchase an iPod. My main purpose for my ipod is for audible but if on a long trip may need music to break things up.