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  1. J

    Disc burner software gone

    I have not done anything new to my PowerBook running itunes 6.0.5 and this morning I went to burn a cd and it said "disc burner software gone". I'm not sure what it is looking for let alone how it could be gone. Any thoughts and help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. J

    I think I messed up

    I sold my iPod 40gb 4th gen last month. I was recently loading on a song that I bought onto my new 5g and it said that I had to authorize the machine. I did and it said I was using 4 of my 5 licenses or something like that. The funny thing is I only have one computer. I know when I started using...
  3. J

    Yesterday's Keynote on iPod

    Does anyone have that? I tried to convert it but it didn't work well for me.
  4. J

    Not on this iPod

    I took season 1 episode 1 of family guy and ripped it using mac the ripper. I then used handbrake (using the settings given in the official ilounge tutorial) to encode it. 1.5 hours later, I plugged in an ipod that has been formatted for windows into my mac. I have put music onto it just fine...
  5. J

    Question about the 60gb

    I have a couple of questions that I can't seem to find an answer to. I know that the 60gb fits into the 4th gen 40gb dock, but is there a lot of room to move around in there? Would I have to modify the dock maybe by lining the inside with felt or does it come with an adaptor like the nano...
  6. J

    Feeler 4th Gen 40 GB Great Cond.

    I am highly considering selling my 40gb 4th gen, but I'm also hoping to do it for at least $300 plus shipping but that might be too high. I have the original box and I can probably find some ear buds. I do have three docks, but as far as I know the 5th gen fits within the docks so I'd only...
  7. J

    Nano stuck in disk mode

    I have a nano that was bought for Christmas. It plugged in for a couple of hours, music was loaded and then used at the gym for about 3 hours total. It has not been plugged in since. When it was turned on, it said "Disk Mode Do Not Disconnect!" Would a hard reset clear this? It's not my nano...
  8. J

    Storing the MDR-71EXSL with included case

    I just bought a pair a MDR-71EXSLs and I do like them. They are super confortable for me. My problem is that I do need the extension cord but not all 3' or whatever it is, so I've used that little ear piece plastic thing to cut some of the slack. However, I am trying to figure out a good way to...
  9. J

    IPL Honda Element

    Today I was at the Vallet at the Irvine Spectrum and up came a Gray Honda Element with IPL logos and text all over the windows. Is IPL in Irvine somewhere or is someone a huge fanboy?!
  10. J

    Doug's Corral iTunes Dupes Script

    I used this script to get rid of my duplicate files in iTunes. It puts all duplicates into a new play list. I thought that by deleting the playlist it would then delete the songs from my hard drive as well as my itunes library. It did not. It's taken 5 hours to find 2200 songs and I am...
  11. J

    WTB: Shuffle USB Cap

    I am trying to get a hold of a Shuffle USB cover/cap. Mine is lost and I don't want to pay $19 for three new caps and a new lanyard. I actually still have my lanyard so I am not worried about that. I'd like to just buy one but I don't want to spend $20 @ apple for three or $20 at...
  12. J

    Star Wars iPod Cover

    Star Wars Cover Personally, I love it, but I wish they had a yoda one. I also think $30 is a bit pricey.
  13. J

    bigdawg10163 - not recommended

    Hello, On 1-9-05 - I saw the posting for a package of accessories here: 1-10-05 - Alex Macias @ [email protected] aka bigdawg10163 1-17-05 - I e-mailed Alex to ask if he sent the remote. 1-19-05 - After no response from Alex, I...
  14. J

    Wall Street Journal & Allofmp3

    Hey all. I was contacted by someone at the Wall Street Journal regarding He'd like an interview with me. I plan to verify whether or not he really works with the WSJ or if this is some weird hoax, but did anyone else get contacted?
  15. J

    In need of a US police officer

    OK, I'm down to the wire here, many of my options exhausted. I'm a student and I need to interview a Lieutenant or Captain and a Patrol Officer---kind of asap. I have 10 questions that should invoke some thought, but they're not yes/no answers that I can e-mail to anyone. The only thing is...
  16. J

    Online Apple Resellers

    Does anyone know of any online Apple Resellers who don't charge tax? Unless of course you are buying from them and you live in the same state that they are in.
  17. J

    Anyone bought from

    Has anyone ever bought anything from this place before? My nephew wants a stand and I found this one on the thinkdifferent site: But then google gave me another result of I like the...
  18. J has arrived...

    Earlier today my manager who just bought an iPod after checking mine out sends me this yahoo article where they interviewed the owner of this site apparently. She starts asking me about all of the skins and accessories for the ipod. Next thing you know instead of doing work we're discussing...
  19. J


    I saw this on some other forums I go to. iHustle It is beyond funny.
  20. J

    Sticky Suggestion

    In the help section maybe there can be a sticky that guides users to post their system information in the body of their message. For example, when someone says HELP My iTunes is not responding to my iPod. If they told us what OS they use, if Windows what Service Pack they have installed, and...