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    Is bluetooth supposed to be this bad?

    I was considering buying a set of stereo bluetooth headphones when I won a set donated to a local charity by Jabra :) I believe the model I have is the Jabra Sport. Unfortunately, their performance is barely acceptable. They seem to work almost line of sight... If I set the phone down and walk...
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    What is the best car kit for bluetooth audio streaming?

    I am looking for a car kit to wirelessly stream audio from my iPhone. I will be using the line in on my car stereo. It needs a microphone, mainly to use Siri. (And of course it needs to work with Siri.) I would rather let my phone handle all the voice commands. I would also like either a line...
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    iPhone past 1 year warrenty, will Apple replace for camera issue?

    My iPhone is past the 1 year warranty period, I got it on launch day. The rear facing camera does not work and I have tried everything including restoring as a new phone. Will apple swap the phone out for me or am I on my own for this issue? I did drop the phone and crack the back glass :o but...
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    Where to buy replacement back for iPhone 4?

    So I dropped my iPhone 4 and cracked the back :o. It looks real easy to replace (it has the phillips screws), I just don't know where to buy it. I have found several online sources and a huge variation in price. I am looking for the same quality as the original and the best price with shipping...
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    AT&T forces you to get a data plan with a used iPhone! WTF

    :mad::mad::mad: My girlfriend is using my old iPhone, she just got a text from AT&T saying the iPhone requires a data plan - WTF. I'm back to hating those A$$holes :mad: Can they require you to have a data plan on a phone that is already paid for?
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    Can I sync my new iPhone without activating it?

    It's going to be tough but I think I am going to wait until I get a case before I take my iPhone 4 into the wild. Can I sync it with iTunes without activating it? Can I use the same backup for both my new and old phone so it will be up to date when I am ready to use it?
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    WTF - Playlists that start with a symbol now sort LAST.

    I use symbols at the beginning of my favorite playlists to make them show up first. Like >-: etc. Now these playlist show up last :mad: Is there any way to change this? Any work around? Starting playlists with AAA looks stupid and is distracting. I guess I could use a symbol in front of...
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    Any way to lock screen besides the sleep switch?

    My sleep/off switch stopped working, apple says the water sensor changed color so they will not replace the phone. Is there any other way to lock the screen besides the sleep switch?
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    Hiking trail maps on iPhone?

    Is there anyway to get hiking trail maps onto the iphone. Ideally I would like something that looked like the google maps app with a blue dot to show your location but also hiking trails on the map just like roads are. With google maps all I see is a blue dot in a blank area, not as helpful as...
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    How about a 'general iPod/iPhone discussion' forum.

    How about a forum for topics that could apply to all (or several) models of the iPod/iPhone.
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    Does anyone make a locking case for the iPhone 3G?

    I am looking for a case that will allow me to physically secure my iPhone 3g like this . I have seen the one by targus and it not only blocks the dock connector port, it does not look like it would slow down a determined 3 year old...
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    Itrip autopilot FM transmitter sucks, did I get a bad one?

    I recently bought an iTrip Autopilot FM transmitter for my iPhone and it performs very poorly. I have a Belkin FM transmitter that blows it away in a side by side comparison. Unfortunately the Belkin will not charge my iPhone. Did I just get a bad one or should I look for another brand? What FM...
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    Strange smart Playlist behavior, and track -2147483648 of 9.

    I mainly use two types of smart play lists, for my podcasts 'Play count is 0' so podcasts drop off the list as I listen to them. For my music I use nested play lists by least recently played to keep music I haven't heard in a while in the list. When I listen to podcasts and return to the...
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    Any way to get my iPhone bookmarks back?

    I recently restored my computer. I was able to save my iTunes library and get it back after the restore. But I forgot about saving my safari bookmarks, after I synced my iPhone all my bookmarks on my iPhone where deleted :o Any way I can get them back?
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    Is there anyway to save apps you might be intrested in in iTunes?

    While browsing through the app store I found several paid apps I might be interested in but I am not ready to buy them right now. Is there any way to save apps so I can go back to them easily?
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    Why did/will you buy the iPhone 3g?

    So what is the killer feature (or features) that makes you choose the new 3g iPhone over the first gen one? (You can choose more than one option)
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    Do smart playlists work properly on the 3g/ 2.0 software?

    According to some older threads smart playlists would not live update on the iPhone. Has this been fixed with the 2.0 software?
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    Does software update 1.1.1 fix smart playlists updating on the iPhone?

    In a previous post I read that smart playlists do not live update on the iPhone, does the latest software update fix this?
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    What 'free' At&t Phone has the highest resale value?

    As I understand it signing up to AT&T with an iPhone requires a 2 year contract but changing to an iPhone does not extend it. To me the obvious thing to do is get a 'free with contract phone' and the sell it to offset the cost of the iPhone, then switch the sim card over. Any Problem with this...
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    Does the iPhone work with the TuneFM transmitter?

    Does the iPhone work with the TuneFM transmitter by Belkin? Are there any transmitters that it will work with? How well does it work with an FM transmitter with phone mode still on?