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    White Stripes call it quits.

    The White Stripes
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    Strange Genius

    I load my shuffle from a smart list that includes a 25 song Genius list. I searched Genius for Warm Valley by Duke Ellington. I have lots of jazz, lots of Ellington and other from the 40's. Mingus big band, etc.? I actually don't know Warm Valley and haven't listened to it yet. It must be a good...
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    Putting songs in the trash

    I guess I accidently hit the "don't ask again" box because iTunes no longer asks me if I want to move file to trash or save file. So when I delete a song, it doesn't go in the trash. How can I get back the option to move files to trash? Thanks
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    Found iPod Shuffle

    I found an iPod Shuffle in the street. It has been run over by a car. The earphones were crushed, the clip is bent, case very slightly bent. I listened to it for about twenty minutes, then it died. A Marware connector from the Apple Store cost $20 plus $5 shipping. I can get free shipping if I...
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    New Radiohead album

    Oddly, I can't find a thread on this topic. They are getting a lot of press by releasing it only online and for charging only how much you want to pay. Did you download it? How much did you pay? Was it worth it? I hear the average price is around $8. I figured there would be a buzz here on this...
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    What's your longest song?

    long songs What are your longest tracks? My Top Ten: "Dark Star" Live Dead 23:18 "Playing in the Band" ####'s Picks Vol.7 23:30 "Dark Star" ####'s Picks Vol.7 24:08 "4th Movement" Beethoven's Ninth Symphony 24:24 "All For Life" Side Trips Vol.1 24:34 "Dark Star>China Cat Sunflower>The Eleven"...
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    No screen, no problem. Crib sheet.

    OK, sure a little display would be nice but would also add to size and expense of these cheap, diminutive powerhouses. So here's my tip for the day. I limit the number of songs I put on my 1gig to 152 so I can print the list and have something to refer to if want to know what I'm hearing (lots...