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    Time taken to mount

    How long does your iPod take to mount? I'm sure that mine used to do it quicker. If I have iTunes running, it takes 25 seconds for it to autoupdate the iPod after plugging it into the dock. I'm using Windows XP and my processor is 2.2GHz, so I'm sure its not due to slowness of my PC. It unmounts...
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    Calendar Functions

    Has anyone worked out the calendar alarms function (ie how to make it work), and also how do you get it to display things in the To Do menu?
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    ARGH! Someone make a version of Pod2Go for windows!!!!

    That software is sooo good... I NEED it... but :( I have windows... Oh well...
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    Adding an album to the OTG playlist

    When I add a whole album to the OTG playlist, the tracks are out of order (it doesn't pay attention to the track numbers). It seem to add the tracks in the order of the song ID numbers... the only way to get around this would be to add the songs on a new album one by one in the right order so...
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    iPod 2.0 Updater

    I have just got a new iPod and have windows 98SE. It is being recognised as a drive but I need to convert it to FAT32. I have read posts about needing to install the software on a Win ME/2k/XP PC and copy the updater.exe file. I was wondering whether anyone has uploaded this file or is willing...
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    Music software for Macs?

    I'm considering making the change from Windows to Mac but I'm worried that I won't be able to have all the same software features that I'm used to on my PC. What are the Mac equivalents for Windows software such as: -Exact Audio Copy (most important) -RazorLame (not so - I would switch to AAC)...
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    NEW news

    Hey, shouldn't there be a "NEW" sign next to the "Will any MP3 player ever catch Apple's iPod?" link on the homepage?
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    Does anyone else use the -r3mix switch when encoding with LAME? I haven't seen anyone else talking about it.