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    Tracking down a song missing from playlists?

    I currently have 1276 songs in my iTunes library. I've placed all of these songs in various playlists, yet my playlist count is 1272, which means I have 4 songs that I never put into a playlist. Is there any way to figure out (script, setting, preferences, etc.) if a song has NOT been added to a...
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    One month later... seemingly dead iPod

    Today was my iPod's one-month anniversary. It had been sitting in the dock of the inMotion speakers for about a day and a half since I wasn't able to use it all day yesterday. When I remove it from the dock (at about 4pm), the CHARGED display is showing and is stuck there. Can't get any of the...
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    Philips HE-592

    hey y'all... I just picked up the Philips HE592 in-ear 'phones at Target (part of their new iPod section) and I have to say I'm impressed with them. They cost $20 and are available in both black and white. I listen to a variety of music styles from showtunes to pop to rock to jazz and so far...
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    iShield 1

    I received as a birthday present the iShield 1 Hard Case with inserts set ( and I have to say... I like! I have a 3G 20GB, so I was a bit nervous when the box said on the outside, "for 15GB, 30GB, 40GB iPod...
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    Did I do this correctly? (deleting songs from iPod)

    I finally figured out that the reason my iPod was showing more titles than my iTunes was because when I deleted a playlist from the iPod source in iTunes, it wasn't deleting the songs themselves, but merely the playlist. I searched these forums, but didn't really come up with the answer I was...