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    Free Beethoven Piano Sonatas Lecture-Recitals by Andras Schiff

    The Guardian Unlimited Arts BLog started releasing lecture/recital mp3 files at the beginning of November. The consolidated page where you can get all mp3 files released to date is here. These podcasts are also available via iTunes subscription, or by subscribing to the RSS feed...
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    New Audible recommended books feature

    Audible seems to be floating a beta version of "recommended book" suggestions for members based on their past purchase history at their site.
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    Murder by the Book -- stories behind the stories by top mystery writiers

    For fans of James Ellroy, Michael Connelly, Faye Kellerman, Jonathan, Michael Connelly, and Lisa Scottoline, the upcoming video podcasts for Court TV's Murder by the Book series recounts each author's accounts of what real-life crimes inspired them to write. These podcasts supplement the 1-hour...
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    Stephen King's "Hail to the Spoken Word"

    For those of you who like lists of favorite audiobooks, Stephen King's top ten are posted in his article at Entertainment Weekly, where he defends the audiobook genre, lists his 10 favorite audiobooks, and asks readers to post their top picks. The list of reader response is quite long and...
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    Spoken word and audio book radio on the net

    In addition to the standard audiobook downloads, library download services, and podcast sources that are discussed in this forum, what streaming or radio sources are people using? Is there anything that you would recommend? There are general sources which have "Listen Again" options, like the...
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    Patrick Tull R.I.P. -- and link to reading from Reverse of the Medal

    Patrick Tull, famed as a narrator of Patrick O'Brian's Audbrey and Maturin series, and many other works, died on September 23, 2006. This Youtube page posts an 8-minute long streaming video of Tull reading from The Reverse of the Medal in July 1998, along with a note of Tull's death. This...
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    Celebrating Sherlock Holmes and the 2006 Audie Awards

    Sherlock Holmes on Audio (Free audiobooks + downloadable pdf stories with original illustrations from The Strand Magazine) In honor of the birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (22 May 1859), I've updated the Free Audiobooks post on NAXOS podcasts with links to the episodes for A Case of Identity...
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    Free (long) audiobook preview (Mayflower) at the US iTMS

    Last week's free iTunes posting for the US store included Nathaniel Philbrick's Mayflower read by George Guidall. This 1.3 hour Penguin Audiobooks sample of the preface and first chapter deals with the founding and settlement of the Plymouth colony. This kind of preview is similar to previous...
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    Classical Music Lovers -- Limited Time Barenboim Podcasts from BBC

    The 2006 Reith Lecture Series from the BBC is featuring Daniel Barenboim speaking on In the Beginning Was Sound from April 7 - May 5, 2006. The mp3 podcasts of each lecture are available for download for 1 week after each program. If you subscribe to BBC Radio 4 Choice's podcast you can get...
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    Publishers' Podcasts, Audio Book Reviews, Author Interviews, and Spoken Word Podcasts

    This thread is a listing of additional resources for audiobook listeners that have not been previously discussed in the threads on Audible Book Recommendations and Free Audiobooks. These are either web sites with streaming audio/video or downloadable contents (podcasts) related to audiobooks...
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    eBook reader on the iPod/iTunes model?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I thought this article from the Wall Street Journal of a couple of weeks ago might be of some interest. Sony is aiming to promote an eBook reader with accompanying iTunes-like online store to distribute downloadable ebooks. They've...
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    Does 2006-01-10 iPod update fix the "mono lockup bug" for 4G iPods?

    Hi, I've been looking at the Apple Discussion forum postings, and the freezing problem for 4G iPods when playing mono AAC podcasts from iTunes subscriptions appears to be fixed with the latest (2006-01-10) iPod software update. Can any brave 4G users test this? (I assume you've all applied the...
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    New Downloadable Audiobook Sources & DRM issues for iPods

    As an audiobook customer, I've noticed a number of changing trends over recent months in the pricing, packaging, marketing, and distribution of audiobooks and the related products designed to enhance their content (author interviews, dedicated special web sites for certain books, reading group...
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    Read-aloud blogs: Talkr and Text-to-speech by subscription

    If you regularly read certain blogs, and these sites publish an RSS feed, there is a service, Talkr, that allows you to listen to text-only blogs in podcast format. It runs a fairly good text-to-speech conversion, and you can try out samples of a number of blogs that are listed under their Free...
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    Which Audiobook formats do people prefer?

    At the end of May, Audiofile Magazine ran a survey on their web site, with 10 questions asking readers to list their preferred formats, factors behind their choices, describe where/when they listened to Audiobooks, and whether they rented, purchased, borrowed, or downloaded these books. (There...
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    Free audiobook excerpt on iTunes Music Store

    The iTunes Music Store is offering a free excerpt (27 min) of Eldest by Christopher Paolini and is taking pre-orders for this audiobook. This is the second book in a fantasy trilogy that began with Eragon. Both the iTMS and Audible will release this book on August 23rd. The excerpt, which is...
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    Week 3 Times Free Audiobook for UK and ROI listeners

    This week's free Audible audiobook sponsored by The Times is Wuthering Heights, and listeners in the UK and Republic can follow the links and download instructions given here up to 12:01am July 30 2005.
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    Times Free Audiobook and iTunes tracks for UK/ROI listeners

    The latest free audiobook from the Times is Lemony Snicket's The Bad Beginning read by Tim Curry. Here is the link to the July 23 Book column describing how to get the free books (you must register at Audible's UK store). There are 2 more free audiobooks to be offered over the next few weeks...
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    UK listeners-16July Times to offer free iTunes tracks + audiobook

    This Macworld article states that The Times will publish a special supplement on digital music on July 15th and offer 5 free (UK) iTunes tracks each week for the next 8 weeks. They'll also be offering their readers a free audiobook, Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander sometime next week...
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    Quick First Report on Chapter Tool Used on a Mac

    I made an "enhanced podcast" out of an audiobook that will play with chapter navigation and display under iTunes, but I haven't been able to navigate this file by chapters on my 3G iPod. I'll have to see whether running the iPod updater software will fix this. My configuration: Mac OS 10.3.9...