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    Installing deb without WiFi and MobileTerminal (Power users only please)

    Hello, I have an old iPhone 2G with a busted WiFi cheap and no 3G connection. I've recently installed a Jailbreak 3.1.3 firmware on it, so it has Cydia installed, but the WiFi is dead so I'm unable to install OpenSSH or Mobile Terminal. I can copy files to and from the iPhone using DiscAid...
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    iPhone 4, Accelerometer is STUCK

    Hello, I have this phone for like 2 weeks now. A couple of days a go I noticed that the accelerometer is no longer works; It is stuck in a static degree of 46.1. I tried restoring the iOS 4.1 firmware but it didn't help. What can I do? Thank you.
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    Native SMS asks to connect to internet?

    Hello, I recently moved from iPhone 2G to iPhone 4G running firmware 4.1 :D A message pops from time to time when I use the SMS: "Turn on cellular data or use Wi-Fi to access data" Have anyone seen this kind of thing before? Thank you.
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    WiFi Relay App?

    Hello, Have anyone seen a WiFi relay app for jailbreak iPhones? I have WiFi coverage issues at my place, I would like to connect the iPhone to my WiFi and have it relay the signal to my laptop. In other words, I need my iPhone to become a WiFi AP and take it's network from another WiFi...
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    Apps and WebClips with long names on 2.2.1 ???

    Hello, I've installed some apps and placed new webclips after upgrading from 2.0.2 to 2.2.1 on my 1G iPhone... I noticed that the name limit in 2.2.1 is smaller than it was on 2.0.2. For example, the webclip name: Original Signal Which was displayed one word under the other, now looks like...
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    WiFi Access-Points Database location?

    Hi, Could anyone please tell me where the saved WiFi Access-Points database is stored in the iPhone file system? I know this file is part of it: /private/var/preferences/SystemConfiguration/ But I can't find the saved keys (to connect the closed networks). Thank you.
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    Backup music list on iPod?

    Hello, How can I backup my iPod's music list? And apply it on my iPhone? Thank you.
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    iPhone refuses to work with car AUX

    Hello, I've recently setup a AUX in my Mazda 3... And it works great with my old iPod 5 Gen and many other mp3/mp4 players. But for some weird reason it doesn't work with my iPhone 2G. It seems like the iPhone detects the entered jacket, and sometimes, for a second or two, I can hear the music...
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    Mail contacts of the service itself?

    I use the mail app on my iPhone to access my gmail account, lately I noticed that I can only see contacts that are stored in my address book. Is there a way to use the contacts stored in my gmail account? Thank you.
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    Changing a WebClip

    Changing a WebClip (Jailbreak Only) Hello, I'm posting this here so hopefully it will become a sticky. How to add a custom icon when the site doesn't have one? How to edit a webclip information, like URL, name, etc.? Many people have asked these questions on many different forums. There are...
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    Cydia on iPhone 1.1.4?

    Have anyone tried this "installer" on iPhone versions under 2.x ? In the description it says that it will uninstall BSD Subsystem, how will this affect me? Thank you.
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    iPhone screen price?

    How much an iPhone 1G screen might cost if I don't have a warranty? I have an unlocked jailbreak iPhone and there is no Apple agreement where I live. thank you.
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    Do you have a jailbreak iPhone?

    Have you jailbreak your iPhone? Did you do it because you don't like AT&T and other so called "legal" providers, or just because it was the only way to use your iPhone where you live? Or you have a "legal" provider but just want all the cool apps :)
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    Maps app update?

    Hello, Yesterday Google released new maps and finally covered my country... But the maps app on my iPhone does not display the resent update. How can I update my maps app? thank you.
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    Install a deb file on 1.1.4 ?

    Hello, I'm trying to install the latest version of the scummVM engine on my iPhone. I downloaded a deb file from their site, after a short google search it seems like I need Cydia... Which of course requires the latest version of iPhone: 2.x Is there any way to install a deb file on version...
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    Calendar Sync...

    Hello, I would like to sync my iPhone with the outlook 2003 calendar at my work station. But before I attempt this I have a few questions: 1. What will happen to the events I already have on the iPhone? 2. Will I be able to add more events by syncing with other places, or will it over run it...
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    Backup "my ratings" from the iPod?

    Is there a program that can export "my ratings" on the iPod, and later import them back to the iPod? Thank you.
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    Exporting Ratings?

    Is there a way to export the ratings from my ipod to a single file, without applying them on my local files? Thank you.
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    Converting from mp4 to somethings else...

    Is it possible to converte the mp4 movies to a regular mpeg or any other regualr format that can played on a DVD device?
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    Non-Latin language support?

    Is there anyway to make my iPod support non Latin letters based languages? Thank you.