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    Playing music from external or internal HD

    Im getting an internal HD soon as a backup to my external (I know, its usually the other way around), but I was wondering which one of them I should use as a main drive to PLAY the music from. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using the external for playing and the internal for only...
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    Do you wear your in-ears like this?

    I ran into this video of how to fit your in-ear phones and I was wondering if this is really how you all wear them. I think it looks ridiculous to fit the cable over the top of your ear. Heres the link. Those white earphones they are using in the video look old tho, any chance the newer ones...
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    Earbuds/IEMs on a $50 budget

    Ive been reading older posts here to find out more about a set of earbuds or IEMs that fit my budget but Im still in the dark as to what to get. So far the Sennheiser CX300's seem like the best choice but Im REALLY put off by the asymetrical cable. Thats the only thing keeping me from getting...
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    Older posts/pages gone?

    Why is it that some forums only show the first page of posts and dont give a choice to go into the previous ones. I go to the Shuffle forum and I see the latest 10-15 posts and theres no more pages to go to. The "Feedback" forum also has the same issue. Have all the previous posts been deleted...
  5. E users?

    Who's a user around here? Id like to have some more iLoungers as friends on there. Leave me a shout if youre around. My screen name is the same as it is here (click here if youre too lazy to search for it on, or click the image on my sig too). Im no music elitist either. I like a...
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    Screen turns off after 1 minute inactivity. Normal?

    Does the new Nano have a sleep feature that I wasnt aware of? My screen seems to turn off completely after one minute of inactivity. The backlight is set to turn off after 5 seconds, but I was under the impression that the screen was still active, yet unlit. I realized this is not the case. The...
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    Rebuild artwork database in new location. Is it possible?

    This is kind of complicated, but here it goes. I just transfered my library to an external HD. I didnt use "consolidate". Everything plays fine, no problems at all. BUT, when I right click on an albums artwork, iTunes freezes for like two minutes before the "copy" option appears. I assumed...
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    Shuffle timer?

    Ive been searching for this but cant find anything relevant anywhere. Does the Shuffle have an internal timer that shuts it off after the song has been paused for a certain time? My sister claims that her Shuffle gets a dead battery after she forgets to turn it off for a whole night sometimes...
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    Re-adding songs to library (not as ez as it sounds)

    Im about to transfer my whole library to an external HD, but I have a question some of you might be able to help me with. Sometimes, certain albums or certain songs just wont let themselves be added to iTunes. You use the "Add folder" or "Add file" command, and they still wont add. So when I...
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    That pesky "Year" field

    I have pretty clean tags on my music, but I made the decision (questionable one) a long time ago, to leave the "year" field empty, since I would always run into discrepancies in different websites as to when a lot of albums where released and I thought Id just spare myself the trouble. This was...
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    Copying or Moving?

    Didnt know what forum this question should go in, so I put it here. Mods, feel free to move it if you consider it more appropiate for another forum. Anyway, heres it is: When moving a large amount of files (namely, all my songs. About 20.000 of them), from my PC, to an external HD, should I use...
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    Moving library to ext. HD w/o "consolidate library"

    Heres the deal: 1. I dont allow iTunes to control my file structure (yes, Im a control freak). 2. I want to move my library to an external HD (soon to be purchased). 3. I cant use "consolidate library" because it would mean giving up control to iTunes from that point on. 4. I want to keep my...
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    Loud CLICK when waking 5G iPod

    When I turn on my iPod (5G, 30GB) after it was in full sleep mode (after 24 hours or more of being off), I get one LOUD click noise when the screen goes from the Apple logo, to the item list. It happens EVERY time I wake my iPod from deep sleep and if I forget about it and put my earbuds on...
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    Where are the 2G Shuffle cases?

    Where are the 2G Shuffle cases? If you go to the reviews section on the iLounge main page, you find lots of 1G Shuffle cases, but not many for the 2G Shuffle. Manufacturers are probably not interested in Shuffle cases because of their low price compared to other iPod cases. Who knows what it...
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    External hard drive questions

    I want to move my music library to an external hard drive in the near future, and I was planning to have it plugged in and turned on all the time so I can play the music from it. So my questions are these: are external hard drives supposed to be on and running for the same time your computer is...
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    Join tracks doesnt work in iTunes 7.5. True or false?

    I heard that you couldnt join tracks with iTunes 7.5 for some reason. I use the join CD tracks before ripping my Audiobooks because I want to have one big file for each CD instead of many of them. If iTunes 7.5 doesnt allow this, Im never going to update! Is it true?
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    Yamipod and

    I wanted to use Yamipod to scrobble my iPod Shuffles music, but it only submits ONE song out of the whole last played list. Is anyone else out there having this same problem? any way I could get Yamipod to submit the whole list of played songs?
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    Small "glitch" I found on my 2G Shuffle

    I dont know if you guys have noticed this little "glitch" on your Shuffles, (or maybe its just mine that does this). Try this: 1.Play any song (make sure the switch is on "continuous play") 2.Pause it 3.Change the switch to "Shuffle mode" 4.Unpause the song When you continue to play the...
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    Songs skipping in 2G Shuffle but not in iTunes or 5G iPod

    Ive found that certain songs tend to "skip" (sometimes very badly) on my 2G Shuffle. The songs play perfectly in iTunes and on my 5G iPod but when played on the Shuffle, the problem appears. I restored the Shuffle and re-added the song, same thing. So as a last resource I re-ripped the song...
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    Did the forums get "reset"? Where are older posts?

    I have noticed that all the older posts on the forums are gone. What happened? did the forums get a clean start or a "reset" for some reason? Its sad because there were a lot of older posts that were very useful.