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    Why Rate Your Music?

    Does anyone else not use the ratings feature in iTunes? Personally, I tend to like certain songs differently when I'm in different moods. Today's 3-star song could sound like a 5-star song tomorrow. Is it just me?
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    Shuffle 'Til You're Stumped

    Put your iPod/iTunes/whatever on shuffle, but don't look at it. If you can name either the artist or the song, type it and move on. Go as far as you can until you cannot recognize what is playing. Be honest! 1. Korn - "Here to Stay" (both) 2. P.O.D. - "Get it Straight" (artist) 3. The Beatles -...
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    If you were a professional baseball player...

    What would your theme song be for your walk to the plate? What song would pump you up in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded? I'd probably have to go with Muse's "Hysteria!"
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    Did the SXSW torrent come out this year? If it did, I must've missed it. The past 2 years, I've downloaded it in the spring.
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    Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds Amazon has them for $29.99, but I just picked up a pair at FYE for $8.99. My friend told me about them, but I was very skeptical...
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    Is there a way to prevent the clock screensaver from starting during playback on the Classic? I wish it would just be a dimmer version of the album artwork, artist, title, etc. like on my 2G Nano.
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    Hawaii-ish Tunes

    So, I'm going to Hawaii for the first time next Monday with my family and it's going to be a long plane ride. What are some good "beachy" tracks/artists that I can have on the iPod for sitting in the sand with a Corona :cool: and for the plane ride? I already have: - Jack Johnson - Jimmy...
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    Podcasts Are Still in Library

    So, my iPod is set to sync automatically and the Podcasts section of my Library is set to only Keep All Unplayed Episodes. After playing the 2 episodes that I had downloaded on my iPod, I synced it with iTunes. They are still there though on both the iPod and iTunes. They've been played...
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    New Nine Inch Nails Record Available for Download NOW It's a 36-track instrumental album. Here are the pricing schemes: FREE DOWNLOAD Ghosts I - The first 9 tracks from the Ghosts I-IV collection available as high-quality DRM-free MP3s (320kbps LAME encoded, fully tagged) including complete 40 page PDF. Also includes the digital...
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    'Greek' Pilot Free Download

    This show's pretty good and you can download the trailer free on iTunes. Mondays at 9 on ABC Family.
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    Just had a nice Sony head unit installed yesterday that lets me use my iPod on the go. I didn't use it on the way to work this morning because I was afraid to leave it sit in the car all day in the blistering sun. What can I do? It couldn't possibly be good for the iPod. Also, taking it out of...
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    Computer Issue

    I built a fast, super-gaming desktop about 2 years ago. Before I got my laptop a few months ago, I took it to my freshman year at college. I brought it home after the year and haven't really used it since. After this year, my sophomore year, I tried using it when I returned home, but it's having...
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    Digital Music & the Death of Hi-Fi Good article. Give me several thousand 128kbps songs in my pocket over huge entertainment systems any time. At the end of the day, a recording is still just that.
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    iTunes Going the Subscription Route?

    Link I hope not. I rather enjoy having the song forever as opposed to as long as I pay the subscription fee.
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    20 Strange/Unique iPod Stories

    Link The last one is priceless, lol.
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    Blur or Oasis?

    The million-dollar question. Which band do you like better on any given day, Blur or Oasis? If there was a gun to my head and I absolutely had to choose, I would probably say Blur because their songs are more diverse. I find them to be a bit more ambitious than Oasis with their structures and...
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    U of Wisconsin Bills RIAA for Wasting Their Time

    Link I find the whole situation pretty amusing. Kudos to the University of Wisconsin for standing up for their students and not squandering their time and resources to better the RIAA. :cool: Now, if only they would apologize to me for totally destroying my bracket...
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    Anti-Piracy PSA from 1992

    "Don't Copy That Floppy!" Just... wow.
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    March Madness

    Is iLounge hosting a March Madness contest or anything of the like?
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    NIN's Viral Marketing Campaign

    The new Nine Inch Nails album, Year Zero will be released on April 17. For about 2 days now, fans have been scrambling to piece together a puzzle regarding information about the album. The following web sites are believed to be associated with it: