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    Audible Question

    I've been out of the iPod scene for a long time and I was wondering if audible still has the $100. coupon I think off an apple ipod? Or any similar deals I know what the ipod shuffle deal already and don't like the shuffle. Any help would be very much appreciated. Bebe
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    FS: 4gen 20gb iPod

    FS: earbuds,case,screen protector Still for sale - philips vitual surround sound earbuds new out of package - Exo 3 case in snow - Clear screen protector sold Like new ipod 4gen 20gb May have a light mark or two on the back and a smudge where I put the case on. I still have the box.Please...
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    I'm not sure If I seen It on this site or another but Its a site where I could put the name of an artist or song I like and It would give me recommations. If you know what I'm taking about please post the site link here. Thank you
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    Help getting a warrenty

    I got my ipod thru one of those free sites. I need a warranty esp. one with an accident plan. Where can I get one seeing that I didnt buy It from them. I'm not sure but I think theres: apple care,bestbuy and compusa. Which one Is the best and aprx. what much do they cost? I have a 4gen 20gb...
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    FS: Philips surround sound headphones

    Philips HE592 ear buds feature patented virtual surround sound technology that simulates the rich, complex sounds of multichannel recording to deliver an outstanding musical experience. The buds include 15 mm speaker elements that enhance the sound quality, along with a unique flexi-grip...
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    Small problem I need help with.

    I never had this problem before and It really bugs me lol. So from the main menu I go to: music then once Im in music I click on artist lots of the artist it will have muti listings but the names are spelled the same. Some of there music will be under one name and some will be on the other...
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    Ipod and MRI Machine

    I have an MRI tomarrow and I'll be in the machine for about 2 hours. My question Is can the ipod be in the machine without hurting it? I'm not sure about it missing up the machine I'll have to ask once I'm there. I would love to take it with me if possiable Its so boreing just laying there. I...
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    HELP! I conected the ipod before installing software..

    Now It says do not disconnect..Will I damage it if I do. Please help. Im so nervess :(
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    Credit card help!

    If this is in the wrong place im so sorry! Ok so Im waiting for my ipod to come But in the mean time I want to start buying and downloading the free music But it keeps saying wrong *security key* (the # on the back of the card) It is right but its not a credit card its a pre-paid debit card...
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    Itunes question

    First off if this is in the wrong place..SORRY! Ok I havent got my ipod yet but I want to start downloading music so when i do get it i wont have to wait.Can I do this? Thanks in advance for any help. Bebe