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    Syncing Iphone to new computer. Help please

    Having an issue that I hope someone here can solve. Iphone 4 was synced to a computer for initial activation but hasn't been done since. Since then there have been many things added to the phone (contacts/sms messages/pictures/etc). That original computer is now lost. Is there a way to...
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    So I just upgraded my iPhone 3G to iOS4 and...

    I'm having a hard time seeing what the big difference are. I'm aware that there are fewer features than with the 3GS but I honestly cannot see anything different (although I will admit my phone feels a little faster). Can anyone help me out and tell me what to look for?
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    Gooseneck mount solution?

    I'm looking for a gooseneck style holder that charges my Iphone and Ipod Classic. I've seen the one from Griffin it doesn't fit the Iphone. Anyone have any solutions? Thanks for any help.
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    How long are the Genius playlists on the new Classic?

    I know on my Ipohone you can only do lists 25 songs long...are they any longer on the Classic?
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    Suggest a song for testing earphones

    Ok, I've been reading in the new Buyers Guide about how much you miss when you just use Apple's headphones they include with the Ipods/Iphone. Anyone have a song or 2 they can suggest that would make it very apparent the differences between the packaged headphones and a pair of solid...
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    Cannot call back missed calls

    Ok, so when I miss a call it shows up on my Iphone. However, whenever I click on the missed call, the operator says "The call cannot be completed as dialed". I realise that calls show up with a +1 in front of the (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I am always forced to go into my contacts and select the person...
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    Plastc sticking out

    Just received my Iphone 3G in the mail today and I'm loving it so far. However, soon after I opened it I saw there were some marks underneath the home button on the chrome. At first I thought they were scuffs but actually it turned out to be little bits of plastic sticking out between the...
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    What do you think the pricepoint will be for the next iPhone?

    I'm assuming it'll have 16gb and 32gb...i hope they price them the same as the current 8gb and 16gb respectively....
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    Creating text file of Itunes music

    Does anyone know of a better way of creating a list of Itunes music other than just highlighting and exporting. Doing it that way produces way too much info (I ended up with over 900 pages). Is there a way to get a simplified version of all that (basically just what is normally show in Itunes)...
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    Anyone have any idea why the Iphone hasn't come to Canada yet?

    I know a few people up here who have the phone but I'd rather not risk buying used for nearly double the original cost. Is there something stopping from Apple from releasing the phone here?
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    A few questions

    1. Can you add stuff to Calendar on the fly, such as to-do notes, meetings and reminders? 2.Can you use the keyboard in landscape and in portrait? 3. Is Itunes mandatory to sync your Iphone music/calender/etc?
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    No 1.2.2 update showing

    I went to go update my 5Gen Ipod to the 1.2.2 software but when I click on "Check For Update" I get the "This version of the Ipod software (1.2.1) is the current version" message. Is this supposed to happen? Is the update only for the 5.5 Ipod?
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    Volume limit for individual songs?

    Hi. I've got a 5g 30gb Ipod. I have one album on there that no matter how high I turn the volume it only goes to a certain point. The volume at 3/4 and the volume at max are exactly the same. It is only for this album that I have the issue...all my other songs increase in volume as I put it...
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    Deleting songs

    Hey all. I'm running Mac OS/X and the latest Itunes. I recently put a large number of songs on my computer for a wedding and now I want to remove some of them from both Itunes and my music library. Is it possible to delete a song in Itunes and have it delete from the folder that is on my...
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    Question about itunes and duplicates of songs (Mac)

    I'm running the latest Itunes on my Macbook. Whenever I search for a song in spotlight I end up with duplicate results of songs. One will showing a track in the proper folder I put it in and the other will show the same track in my Itunes music folder. This is effecitvely doubling up the...
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    Question about changing EQ for individual songs

    Just got 7.1 yesterday and I noticed a change. When right clicking on a song and selecting "get info" you used to be able to change the eq/volume settings for individual songs. That option is there if you select multiple songs but not if you choose just one. Is there a way around this?
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    Is there a program that allows 2 ipods to be hooked up and share songs between them?

    I'm looking for a program that will run on a mac...thanks for any help.
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    No Cd track listing

    When I put a cd into my computer and play it with Windows Media Player I can see the names of the tracks that I'm playing. When I go to Itunes however, all I see is "Track 1", "Track 2", etc there any way to get the track titles to show up because it will make importing that much easier...
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    Hard drive won't stop spinning after ejecting from Itunes

    The drive on my ipod won't stop spinning for a long time after I eject from Itunes...and even after it does the Ipod won't go to sleep by itself like it normally does. Last night I ejected it from my computer and accidentaly left it running all night. Its not that I can't recharge the battery...
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    Is there a way to get the "Are you sure you want to delete" box back?

    For the longest time Itunes used to ask me for confirmation when I deleted songs from playlists or the library, but the box asking for confirmation isn't showing up any more. This isn't a big deal for my itunes library, but I have accidentaly deleted some songs on my ipod that aren't on my...