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  1. jwc110869

    AKG Quincy Jones Signature Line Headphones anyone?

    Take a look at this: AKG Personal Audio With three new items: 1) Q701 - Over ear reference headphones 2) Q460 - Mini on ear with iPhone mic and remote 3) Q350 - In Ear I'm interested, and curious if anyone has made the plunge. I'm interested in the Q701 or the Q460, for my iPod, Macbook...
  2. jwc110869

    iPad 2 lead times... how's your order coming along?

    I ordered my wife's 32gb wifi model today, and it was stated the lead time would be 3 o 4 weeks. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share how our orders are coming along, so new purchasers can get a better idea. BTW the estimated lead time was just downgraded from 4 to 5 weeks...
  3. jwc110869

    Any bass guitar player here?

    My son, after 6 years of cello, wants to try something new. So, starting Monday, he's switching from orchestra to band, so he can start playing electric bass guitar. He's excited, so I really want to be supportive. I'm looking for any advice that I can pass on to him, to help with the...
  4. jwc110869

    So, the iPad and iBook forum categories begin.............

    Well, the Apple tablet is on the way, and its very "bigger iPod Touch-ish" And a book store is also joining the party. Is it safe to assume these will be new forum sections, in the near future? Thanks....
  5. jwc110869

    Apple's new Magic Mouse

    As often happens on a Tuesday, Apple released updates, this time iMacs and entry level Macbooks got updated. But something else caught my eye. The dreaded "Mighty Mouse" got the much needed upgrade, and is now the Magic Mouse The prone to fail track ball is...
  6. jwc110869

    What's your most interesting/far out/unbeleivable cover song?

    I always thought it was cool when an artist covers a popular tune, and takes it in a direction you would find hard to believe, or might not even recognize, unless somebody told you first. I always thought a cover tune was fun, because you already know it enough to enjoy this new version, right...
  7. jwc110869

    If Apple comes out with a touchscreen "Netbook", will iLounge cover it?

    The rumors of such a device makes me wonder what it would fall under. Is it like a big iPod Touch? Or is just another entry in Apple's laptop line, which wouldn't fall under what this site is about? You know every accessory maker will be trying to figure an add on for. And who would be there...
  8. jwc110869

    Any Bloggers Here? What do you blog about?

    Instead of bringing an '04 thread back from the dead, I thought I'd post the question to the community, all over again. In a blogger's world, isn't 4 1/2 years an eternity anyways? I'm thinking of doing some infrequent blogging, using iWeb and MobileMe. I was wondering if anybody blogs here...
  9. jwc110869

    What are the largest set of "cans" you pushed with your iPod alone?

    I'm getting a set of Alessandro MS1s, for my Father-in-law, for his new iPod Classic. I'll most likely end up getting a pair for myself too. Thinking about headphones made me wonder what size cans, can an iPod push, and still be a plesant experience. So I put the question to the iPod...
  10. jwc110869

    A cheaper iPhone will actually cost you more?

    From Yahoo tech................ How the half-price iPhone 3G actually costs you more Not mentioned in today's you-can't-get-away-from-it iPhone 3G announcement: AT&T's service plan jumps $10 a month. What's this? Did Apple finally figure out what the rest of the retail world did: That when...
  11. jwc110869

    I'm having a nerdgasm............. I need a nap......................... p.s. - it costs $2900
  12. jwc110869

    Congrats iLounge, we're #3, we're #3!!!!!!!!!

    UK's on-line "Telegraph" rated "" number three, on their "The 101 most useful websites" list. Well its #3 in the technology catagory, but still impressive and deserving. Congrats to all that's involved...
  13. jwc110869

    This'll fill your iPod, nice and full

    How about this eBay auction for 3 million records and 300,000 CDs. That equals 6 million songs................. that's a playlist.:)
  14. jwc110869

    Has anybody seen this accessory? Hint - its for a Macbook Air

    Its called the "Steve Sleeve"....................... Its by Timbuk2, a messenger bag company based in San Fran. I think its a riot, though it might get old after a while. Its not out yet, but "Coming Soon"....................
  15. jwc110869

    Anybody have the Juniper Visa Card with iTunes Rewards

    I've noticed this at Apple's site recently, and was wondering if anybody here has one, and if they were happy with it? I think there's going to a significant Apple purchase in my near future, and $50 in iTunes rewards, and 90 interest free seems decent to me. I know alot of you are too young...
  16. jwc110869

    Skateboarders, please educate me

    Well, Christmas is coming, and my son wants a skateboard. The problem is I have no clue what to get him. He's 10 and this will be his first. I started searching the web and still feel no more educated, so I'm calling out to the iPod toting skateboardes for advice. What are good...
  17. jwc110869

    12 ways to boycott the RIAA

    Some of these I agree with, and some I'm not too sure about. You be the judge.................... From "Digital Trends" By Mark Fleischmann The entire article here : Step One: Circumvention Buy used CDs: They don’t show up in sales figures and...
  18. jwc110869

    iLounge is worth $5,448,240 I say dinner is definately on Dennis. Bravo. p.s. - ionmac is worth $23,598, forward all donations to baggss.
  19. jwc110869

    What celebrity do you look like?

    I ran across this link: You need to sign in with your e-mail and upload a "face front" photo of yourself. Then the computer calculates the closest of 3200 famous faces. My top two were Adam Sandler (71%), and Philip...
  20. jwc110869

    Strong Bad e-mails (homestar runner) now available

    Everybody's jumpin on board, even at homestar runner......... Enjoy everybody...............