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    What are the Current Limitations for iPod-Compatible Video?

    Normally, I would still assume the current limitations of iPod Video were still 640x480 max resolution, etc, etc ... But after seeing several iTunes Store bought and converted videos at resolutions up to 853x480 not only sync and work, but work wonderfully on a whole range of iPods, including a...
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    iPod Bluetooth Headphones Adaptor? Help!

    Ok, so I posted this a while ago over at the Apple Support forums, but ... no help ... I'm hoping I can get more help here! Well, I finally experienced the same thing a lot of others have already ... the left side audio failed completely on my Touch, so I had to go return it and have it...
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    Apple Discussions Admins and Moderators ... Do they have selective hearing/reading?

    The following quote box is a message I just sent to Apple Feedback. I hope you find it as entertaining as I did writing it.
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    How Witty am I?!

    You know how there are times when someone asks you a questions, and you know there's a nice smart-### response to be found, but you just can't come up with one? Then ten minutes later, it hits you?! Sucks, right!? Well, I had a really good one today, but instead of NOT coming up with the...
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    Doug's Applescripts to Windows?

    Is there any way to run an Applescript in Windows, an emulator or anything? A Virtual Mac, etc? And if not, is there someone out there who can convert these scripts so Doug could make them available on his site? I think it would be awesome if they'd work for Windows as well as Mac.
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    Converting Multi-Disc Movies into One M4V/MP4 ?

    So, I've got an iPod Classic 160G and I use it primarily for three things: audiobooks, tv shows, and movies. I have several movies that are on more than one disc, or more than one side of the disc. I am wondering what the best software is to convert these DVD movies into a single file for my...
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    Can you link two iPods to Share Files?

    I don't know if this is possible ... and currently I'm sure it would require uncommon hardware and hacking/modding of both of the iPods in question. The reason I thought of this is I was recently reading an article about how the iPhone and iTouch future versions would probably not increase...