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    Turn that light out!

    does not using the backlight on the ipod improve battery life by much? because I have heard so many complaints about terrible battery life, I have no problem with this because i dont use the backlight most of the time, and can get at least eight hours of play time at varying volume. Tell me what...
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    Magnetic ipod!

    im using a 4g ipod and it occured to me that if you wrap your headphones around your ipod you could be making an electromagnet.(the earphones would have to be on and playing music.) For example to make an electromagnet you would wrap a coil around a piece of metal with a current passing through...
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    de-crackle your earphones!

    today for some reason my left earphone started crackling, i was a bit worried about it because ive only had it for about 4 day's. I new a bit about headphones and most have a plastic membrane covering the tiny speaker The plastic membrane is like a little piece acrylic or some other so i guess...
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    when i plug in my 4g 20gb i get a spark sound! is that normal or is it just a metal contact sparking?
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    Copy my songs!

    how do i copy my songs on my ipod to a friends computer? Is there any downloads?
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    Formating fun

    Formating fun .Please help! i only just got my ipod, i run on windows,im installing it now ands it formating , but its taking a long time. Please help its been going for 15 mins now. Its a 20gb 4g ipod!
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    how much can an ipod mini really hold?

    i need some help!! Im confused. im thinking of purchasing an ipod mini, but im a bit worried about the 4.5 gigs On the apple website it say's it can hold up to a thousand songs . im using itunes and have 465 songs rated at 1.58 gigs. this means im sure, I can fit alot more songs then a thousand...