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    Amazon UK, drops Touch price.

    Amazon UK have dropped the price of the 32 GB to 295.45 pounds, still expensive compared to the US but with it now coming in below the 300 quid mark it will make a difference to many prospective buyers (me included) :D
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    Strange Problem

    My Mac formatted 60GB iPod won't sync my Movies or Photos, (music videos do sync for some reason !!), everything else will sync no problem but not these two items. When I try to sync these I just get the message "The iPod Cannot Be updated. An Unknown Error Occurred (-48). If I unselect them...
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    Case included in UK yet ??

    Just bought a 4gb Nano from the UK Apple store, anybody know if they are shipping with the neoprene cases yet ?? It's not listed in the box contents on the UK site (it is listed in the US store). I know my daughters Nano for Christmas didn't come with one.
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    H.264 to iPod with Videora

    After many hours tinkering with this, and reading that many couldn't get the H.264 codec to work on the iPod, I finally got it to work using Videora. I won't rehash DVD Decrypter as there are plenty of other threads on how to set that up. Anyway, set up Videora as follows, Open the Profiles...
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    MP3Gain could screw up Soundcheck, possible ??

    I've been thinking about this for the last day or so following a private conversation with one member who had a Soundcheck issue, here Now although MP3Gain didn't really contribute to that problem it set me thinking. If you have already imported your music files into iTunes and iTunes has...
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    Sony releases PSP "iTunes", but ....

    .... it'll cost you $20. LOL, sell you a multi-media powerhouse and then try to charge you for the software to manage it all easily. Are these people living in the real world ?? This is the first disappointing thing I've encountered in regards to my PSP. If anything should be free, this is it...
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    Does this logic hold up ......

    .... or am I missing something. Recently, the software for removing DRM from iTunes Music Store files has stopped working, due to iTunes 6. I was interested in this, not for music piracy (which I abore), but so that I can use the music however I want for myself. Unlimited copies, Use on any PC...
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    Forget Everything Else !!

    This new iPod is the best sounding music player I have ever owned. Forget all the other gimicks, this is worth the upgrade for sure. Class. Apple really have got this one right. :)
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    Important Info

    Yes, the new 5G iPod works with old iPod docks. I just tried my new 30GB into my old 4G 40GB dock, no problem !! Wonder no more, it works. :D PS This should be a sticky. :rolleyes:
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    Will iLounge be doing a video podcast ??

    ????? :cool:
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    LAME 3.97 beta 1 now "officially" recommended

    The nice folks at Hydrogen Audio, who do all the testing of the LAME encoders, have changed their officially recommended LAME version from 3.90.3 to 3.97 beta 1. They are also abandoning the --alt-presets in favour of the new -V presets, ie -V 2 --vbr-new This is big news as 3.90.3 has been...
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    LAME 3.97 beta 1

    Anybody else using this, I just switched to it as I gather it is slightly better than 3.96.1 Not tried it yet though, going to use it with the -V 2 --vbr-new setting to replace my usual --preset standard. The new setting is supposed to encode faster with just as good quality results. Will see...
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    Apple Supplied Earphones- Good or Bad ???

    Okay, Apple's supplied earphones (iPod, Shuffle etc etc) are they really that bad ?? I see a lot of posts saying that supplied earphones (whatever manufacturer) are crap. Is this really true or is it a case of repitition ??, because somebody says it's crap it must be true. To be honest I never...
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    iTunes Error Correction- Speed Improved ??

    I just noticed after playing around with the iTunes encoder that the error correction facility seems to have been improved greatly. Before (with Error Correction enabled) I only used to get around a 2x speed when ripping. Now, (it's been a while since I used iTunes for ripping), I get anything...
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    Get the best from the iPod's Equalizer

    Interesting article about getting the best from your iPod's equalizer, a lot of it has been said before here but it's worth a read as it gathers all the info into one place. Here The only issue I would have is with EuPod, either use iTunes own volume slider or a utility like GoPod (for EU...
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    MP3Gain Usage Guide

    MP3Gain Usage Guide (Maximizing guide originally posted by westgroveg at HA). Clipping Removal (Maximizing) "Clipping" is when the music hits max volume and gets distorted. The MP3Gain Maximizing process will make an MP3 file as loud as is possible with no clipping and can help the "iPod EQ...
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    Interesting Fact: 03Dec04

    Things you may not know, According to The Edge in this months Q magazine, U2 received no money for the Vertigo iPod ad. The only thing U2 are getting out of their Apple/ iPod partnership (apart from exposure/ marketing) is a royalty from the U2 Special Edition iPods. :)
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    Interesting Fact: 24Nov04

    Things you may not know, Further to the earlier "Virgin Mary on Toast" thread. Here In New Mexico, over eleven thousand people have visited a tortilla chip that appeared to have the face of Jesus Christ burned into it. >>> The publication of Darwin's theory of evolution was greeted with...
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    Interesting Fact: 22Nov04

    Things you may not know, During the Spanish-American War sailors wore leggings called boots. The term "boot" came to mean a Navy (or Marine) recruit. These recruits trained in what became known as "boot" camps. The shoulder of beef is a less desirable cut. In olden days, serving a cold piece...
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    Interesting Fact: 20Nov04

    Things you may not know, Early trading ships would hide illegal cargo below the ship's deck. Legal cargo could be placed in plain view on deck, or above the boards of the deck. Hence everything was "Above Board". Colour(s) has numerous meanings. An early use of the word Colours was for a flag...