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    copying itunes folder

    When I look at my itunes software and click on the library it states 223.40GB worth of music but when I click on the actual itunes folder it shows 346 GB of material... I am trying to make up a backup of the itunes folder to another external drive and tyring to figure out why the big...
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    Moving Itunes Library

    I have my work computer that has all of my itunes and album covers and want to move that to my home computer...what folders to I copy to an external hard drive and then on my home computer how would I tranfer those external hard drive files to my itunes on my home computer?
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    Moving Itunes playlists and music

    What is the easiest way to move my itunes library and playlists to a new computer?
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    ipod artwork

    Very strange I notice when I plug in my ipod to my itunes software and play the tracks from my ipod the artwork shows fine...but when I disconnect and play regular the artwork is either missing or not correct? Any ideas??? Thanks!
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    moving playlists from ipod to itnues

    Is it possible to move playlists from ipod to itunes? I recently had to move the computer music folder for my itunes. When I redirected to the new folder just the songs carried over to itunes not the original playlists with their songs. I have a majority of the playlists still on my ipod with...
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    some songs not playing on ipod

    I am finding that a few of my songs on my ipod or showing but not playing..when I connect up to itunes and try to play through the itunes via ipod these songs show but will not play..there is no exclamation point showing either. When trying to play the songs on ipod they just skip and go to the...
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    Checkmark ipod freezing!

    My ipod is frozen with a checkmark on the screen. I cannot access the menus? I have plugged into my computer and can access the songs on my itunes but after disconecting my screen goes back to the checkmark and cannot get out of it. I have also plugged in to the wall with charger but still...
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    Ipod artist listing

    I converted the new nickelback cd to my itunes(which was listed correctly) then I copied to the files to my ipod and when I do a artist lookup nickelback comes in twice as lsited under my artists with half of songs from the cd are listed in the first listing and half under the second listing...
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    mp3 gain and acc files?

    Is there a way to use the mp3 gain software with acc files?
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    making cd's from ipod files?

    When using anapod how do I take those copied files from my computer(copied form ipod) and be able to convert them to mp3 or wav so I can burn discs to play on other cd palyers?
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    Language reset

    By accident I selected chinnese for my ipod language you know how I can get back to reset to english?
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    Transfering Songs???

    I was wondering if there was any easier way of transfering new songs from my computer to the itunes library without having to see all of the existing old songs in the library. What happens is I make up new playlists and then I have to search out all of the new songs which are scattered in...
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    Shuffling certain playlists?

    Is it possible to only shuffle certain plylist folders. It seems once I hit the shuffle button it wants to shuffel all of the playlists? Can I pick which folders to shuffle?
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    Listening Levels on iPod - A Guide to Using SoundCheck

    Listening levels on iPOD I notice that my levels are different when playing back on my iPOD. My dowloaded MP3's from my computer are louder than my cds that I have converted to iTunes which are softer. So when I try to shuffle all the songs I have to adjust my voulume at times. Is there a...