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    iTunes on a netbook

    I've got a netbook, 1gb ram, N270 Atom processor, and would like to run the lightest iTunes on it. I don't need all the bells & whistles as I'm never going to connect devices to it. I just want it to play my AAC ripped music. I downloaded the latest version 9, and while it runs well on it's...
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    Who likes playing Air Guitar?

    Personally, I'm a huge air guitarist, and pretty damn good at it. :D Now maybe there's some hope for me. Read on.
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    Australian iTunes turns 1 and has giveaways

    The Australian iTunes music store has turned 1, and to celebrate they are giving away 5 free songs and an audio book. (not of your own choice) Pretty good deal for those who have an account with iTunes in Australia !! :)
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    Poor old Keith Richards

    Well I have spent the last week joking about how much of an idiot Keith was for falling out of a coconut tree, as they said he only received mild concussion. Now I hear today he has had brain surgery to remove a clot so it was far more serious than they let on. I feel a little bad. :rolleyes...
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    Trapped Miners Want An Ipod with Foo Fighters

    These guys in Tassie trapped down the mine are taking this sooo well. :D After asking for living away from home allowance, overtime, meal allowance as a joke, they now want an ipod with some Foo Fighters on it and Dave Grohl has kindly offered to meet with them after they are out. What a nice...
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    50 Cent Concerts in OZ

    This is topical over here at the moment and I wondered your opinions. This is the latest poll results. Should children under 18 be banned from going to 50 Cent's shows? 723 (48%) Yes, children under 18 should not be exposed to his lyrics. 394 (26%) No, they should have the right to attend...
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    Bon Scott's grave heritage listed

    Part of the story: THE gravesite of Bon Scott, the legendary lead singer of veteran rockers AC/DC, has become one of Australia's most treasured cultural icons. More than 26 years after Scott's death, the National Trust of Australia has decreed his grave in Fremantle cemetery important enough...
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    Cellfan skins - Anyone use them?

    Hey I really want this and need someone's advice who may have used this company. But, are these skins like putting contact on a book or those PSP screen protectors, because I am seriously bad at that. :( Or are they more like removable thin...
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    What's playing on your iTunes now?

    Pretty easy. New thread like "What are you listening to" but without post counts. :p If you are sitting at your computer and playing iTunes tell us what's playing. Do It With Madonna - The Androids
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    Neighbours - Who Watches It?

    It has recently come to my attention that you guys do watch Neighbours. :D I am interested in knowing how many forum members watch it. Please vote.
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    Australian Idol

    OK, this is mainly so rachwah and I can discuss our Australian Idol stuff without messing up the "What are you listening to" thread. Anyone else who wants to join in feel free. And I don't care if you don't like the show .. that's OK. Say your bit, move along, there's nothing to see. BUT .. if...
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    Famous Quotes !!

    Guys what is the funniest famous quote you have heard either recently or in the past. I read this one today !!! "... the real world of Kate Moss, where inhibitions are left at the door, preferably along with your clothes." - Journalist Katie Nicholl on her experiences partying with Kate Moss.
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    Karmastition by Alicia Keys

    Hey, does anyone know where I can get this song? I can't find it anywhere :( It's a remix of Alicia Keys Karma and Stevie Wonder's Superstition.
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    INXS - Rockstar - What do you think?

    Hi Guys, No doubt most of you have heard of this reality show "Rock Star INXS" where the remaining members of INXS are trying to find a new lead singer. As a huge fan of INXS, particularly Michael Hutchence, I do not feel that I would like to see a new lead singer. INXS was Michael Hutchence...
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    Favourite Beach

    Hey Guys, Where is your favourite beach? Mine is in Australia - Gold Coast, Queensland. Photo is taken at Coolangatta beach.
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    Who's the most famous person you have met

    OK guys. Let's hear the stories. Who is the most famous person you have met - and when I say that I mean, not just seen in a concert .... talked to by running into them somehow. Me personally the only famous people I have met are: 1. Jimmy Barnes 2. Suzi Quatro 3. Frank Rossi from Status Quo...
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    Foo Fighters & DMB CD's still selling well ??,7204,16159604%5E15306%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html This just on our newspage today. Seems the CD's are still selling well even though they have made it even harder for ipod users to rip their paid for tunes to itunes. Sorta makes you want to download from...
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    Oasis v Coldplay - Who is better?

    Pretty simple. Who do you like better or both the same or don't like them at all.
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    Kensington FM Digital FM Transmitter - any good?

    Hi guys, I have tried the itrip & airplay without much success. Has anyone had the opportunity to buy & try the newest Kensington Digital FM Transmitter? I would really like to get one .. like yesterday but as I'm in Australia I will need to order via the US and would not be able to get a...
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    iskin case fit too big - can I shrink it

    Hi all, I have 2 iskin cases. 1 fits perfectly and I can use my airclick. The 2nd one I purchased is a slightly looser fit and due to this my airclick keeps popping off :( so I can't use it at all. Is there anyway to shrink the iskin silicone so it will be a better fit? I have tried contacted...