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    xml osax

    hi all, info for any writers .. Smile have released an XML extension for Applescript.. details If you are not sure, Smile is an alternative environment for writing Applescripts, it has extend dialog capabilities compared to the normal editor...
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    Hi Scripters, Our house has finally given into temptation and bought an iPod..Odd this being an iPod site and me not having an iPod but thats history for you.. Anyway.. given our new toy, What are your must-have scripts for use with an iPod so i can check them out.. ta Deeg
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    qdea's synchronise

    hi all, anyone use qdea's synchronise utility and would care to test some code for me ? am in the process of adapting a script for general use but need someone to test it.. if interested then drop me a pm.. tia deeg
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    scripting windows itunes :)

    Anyone know if the windows version is scriptable ?, not applescript obviously but what about visual basic or some such ? Doug, you going to carry windows versions of scripts ? might need to dust down virtual pc and start converting stuff ;) "DJ Cheese" is let loose on the Windows world :eek:
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    SE P800 and itunes

    hi all, after being out in the sun for too long at the weekend, I ended up buying an SE P800, have just ordered my bluetooth widget so will be turning my beedy eye to using it to control itunes... the SE clicker app does not work with the P800 according to their site for anything other...
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    trying to avoid duplicate entries via location..

    i have noticed that sometimes i can get duplicate library enteries when "adding" tracks from machine to machine.. in an attempt to prevent this i am reading the xml file to check if the location is already known to itunes and then trying to do... duplicate (every track of library playlist 1...