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    For Students...

    I am a student and would like opinions on how useful this will be for students. Pros: Easy to carry, long battery life. Cons: Can't have a doc open and check email, or internet. No information on how we can print. Can't put in a USB stick and copy files in and out. Can't use flash sites...
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    I can take notes in class and create spreadsheets, but can I print directly?
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    4th gen scrolling video artwork?

    Is artwork suppose to scroll on the home screen on the nano 4th/5th gen for video artwork? It scrolls pictures, podcast, etc, but no on video?
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    Shuffle 3g in Sept.

    I see colors, price drop and the headphones coming in two parts. One break after the controls, so any headphones can work.
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    final iPod Nano 5G?

    Yes. Though don't expect it to get a memory bump or a big price decrease.
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    Shades Cases nano 4g.

    Hey, is offering deals on their cases. Does anyone know if they are going as good as they say? They get good reviews, so I'm thinking of picking one up. Oh, well for 4.95, I guess its worth it. :rolleyes:
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    New shuffle and 3rd party software.

    Does anyone out there have a new shuffle? What folders are on the shuffle when you pull it up in Explorer? Have you tried it out with any 3rd party software like Floola?
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    nano 4g and Non-Itunes options..

    Anyone have any look using the new nanos in Gtkpod, Amarok or Floola? The new floola says it supports the new nanos, but I dont know if you still need itunes to do the initial setup.
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    Showing Colour in Itunes?

    Anyones else having their colour shuffle show up as grey/silver in itunes 7.0.2?